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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Here's come a short P-Log (Picture Blog)

So recently I just joined Sephora's dinner and dance at KuDeTA and also flew back to hometown to take a rest for a week. Has been through millions of things and stress regardless in life, personal life nor working life. Whatever is pass means past tense and I will never look back but just look forward for a much better life. I've been independant for years and I promise to myself I will never give up myself and everything. Well, it's just a short speech and I sound abit emo here, but actually it's kind of motivation for myself LOL.. anyway, skip this and I'm going to post some of my selca pictures these few months time,as I have been neglecting my blog recently, rarely join events that Nuffnang has invited me, as I have a really packed schedule =( Hopefully, I can have more time to catch up my blog soon. Sorry readers.. Here's a good catch up for you guys... hehe enjoy my sharing =)

Outfit : 
Old round hat from TaoBao
BartMan Sweater for a rainy day from HumbleBones 
High-waisted pants from Editors Market
Accesories : Pandora and Baby-G

Outfit :
High-necked Leather Top from Styledasher 
Square Shades from Taobao
Infrared Lipstick from Topshop

Halloween Day as a Black Witch

Outfit : 
Fur collar from Daiso
Leather Cropped Top from Styledasher
Black Lipstick from Sephora and MakeUp For Ever

Masquerade Night, Sephora Dinner and Dance 2013 at KuDeTa

Outfit : 
Black Laced Dress from OnlineShop
Black Killer Heels from Calvin Klein
Clutch from Prada

Accesories :
Chanel Earring 
Necklace from Taka Jewellery
Cartier Inspired Ring
Masquerade mask from OnlineShop

Make Up Artist:
Amber from MakeUp For Ever

Hair Stylist : 
Xavier Ng (Senior Stylist) from Next Salon

That's all for today.. 
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

GLAM GLOW..A mask that everyone is talking about !!

GLAM GLOW... I am sure that you definitely know about this brand or maybe hear it from somewhere else if you are a beauty freak! I am going to talk about more information about GLAMGLOW today, then you will know why everyone is so crazy about this mask because...it's even miracle than SK-II Miracle Treatment Essence...LOL.

First of all, I'm going to share you girls about the history behind GLAMGLOW mask so you will know how interesting it is. GLAMGLOW was created and founded by a married couple named Glenn and Shannon Delimore for exclusive behind the scenes use in Hollywood's Entertainment, Music, Fashion and Award Industries used professionally premakeup for camera ready skin. It's created for men and women of all ages and all skin types. A majore Beayty Award Winner, voted Elle Magazines, No.1 Beauty Obsession with rave Consumer Reviews, Best Seller Stamp, World No.1 Mask, Winner of the Hottest products and even Sephora's HOT NOW. Branded as sexy, Innovative anf Fun, providing amazing efficacy with immediate results as a Quick Fix Treatment. Featuring Proprietary active-mud delivery system with Patent Pending TEAOXI technology and used alongside your daily skincare regime. It was started to use by all the top celebrities in Hollywood and now GLAMGLOW is available at major beauty retailers, Sephora, major department stores, luxury boutiques, and duty free. Also available for professional use with spa facials, makeup artists and hotel in-room retail.

Now, I'm going to share you girls about their two main products that makes profit of $90million USD a year!! By looking at the profit figure, you already know how trustable and how effective the product is. Am I right to say that? Besides that, 80% of the Hollywood stars and artist are using GlamGlow Mask too! A mask that they always ask for no matter where they go. Believe it or not ?? Continue to read and check out more!!

First of the product that I wanted to share with y'all is YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. This products only contains three main ingredients in it which is Green Tea Leaf, Volcanic Minerals and French Sea Clay. Basically the Green Tea Leaf will helps in anti-oxidants and attackes against the free radicals, by this effect, it will actually help us to delay aging as every women in the world doesn't wanna get old too fast! Right? Secondly will be the French Sea Clay which is causes some of the tingling sensation while you putting it on your face, but for me I don't feel and tiggling sensation but it's very cooling on my face sort of minty cool sensation so it really depends on your skin type or condition.For French Sea Clay also helps in calming, soothing,minimizing pores,anti-aging and smoothens your skin. Other than that, it also will helps to boost up your collagen. Thirdly will be the Volcanic Minerals, which is the ingredients that I quite impressed to when I knew it, LOL. The Volcanic Minerals helps in brightening, removes all the dead skincells, removing impurities from deep pores and it will soften out skin. By these three main active ingredients, it will gives you a result that beyond your expectations and it really let you feels like keep buying it for the rest of your life. Frankly, I actually quite impressed to the result while I tested it, you will actually achieved the results immediately in a time of 10 minutes only. No doubt!  Besides, all of their products is clinically tested and dermatological tested, so it's fine for sensitive skin but somehow I'll advice you to do patch test first before you buy it as some of the people may allergic to certain ingredients.

Results :

  • - Leaves skin noticeably radiant and glowing.
  • - Activates moisturizing collagen synthesis.
  • - Provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation.
  • - Helps to leave skin smoother, brighter and softer.
  • - Provides tighter skin texture and tighter pores.
  • - Helps to provide a more youthful appearance.
  • - Absorbs impurities without removing natural oils.
  • - Helps to protect against free radical damage.

The way of using the YouthMud, you can use it 2 - 3 times a week after you exfoliate your skin during the night time, while our skincells works better during the nigth time. You just apply on a dry skin for 10 minutes, then massage it with water before you rinse it off. Then followed by your daily skin care regimen. The results will actually last you for 3 days so everytime you wake up from bed, definately you will look gorgeous even without makeup yet!   Here's some picture about the Youth Mud Mask.

Next is also their top seller which is SuperMud Clearing Treatment, the mask that loved by mens, combination skin and oily skin user. Basically, SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask contains of 4 types of main active ingredients and they will be 6 types of acids (contains of Lactic Acid, AHA, BHA and etc), Bio Cells, Eucalyptus Leaf and the most interesting ingredients, Pore-Matrix. For the first 6-types of acids will actually helps in clearing all the excess oil without affecting the sebum that we have on our skin, helps to heals the blemishes,pimples, acne, clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, scars, zits and ingrown hair as most of us know AHA and BHA are the ingredients that helps in healing those blemishes and acnes. Next will be BioCell ingredients which contains sorts of plants or flowers like Calendula, Cucumber, Eucalyptus Leaf and etcs...The Bio Cells acts as calm the skin and soothes the skin to prevents from itchiness on the infections area. Next will be the Pore Matrix which I've mentioned is one of the interesting ingredients, I'm not too sure what is the name of the ingredients but the Pore Matrix is an ingredients that contain TEAOXI technology so its SUPER EFFECTOVE for pore minimizing, remove blackheads and also whiteheads. I did see the before and after effects during the demo on a model's nose. After 10 minutes, she cleans away the mask and we really see all the blackheads on her nose pops out and we were like woooooooww~..its really amazing and there's no any other products in the market has this effects honestly. So for those having oily skin, combination skin, acne skin, blackheads and whiteheads problems and mens skin, this is a mask to die for!

Results :

  • - ACNECIDIC-6™ - 4.4% AHA & BHA 6-Acid Blend. PH Balanced.
  • - Glycolic Acid - Helps Restore Photo Damaged Skin & Improves Skin Texture.
  • - Salicylic Acid - Helps De-clog to Minimize Pores & New Skin Rejuvenation.
  • - Lactic Acid - Helps Pigmentation, Moisture, Stimulation & Skin Collagen.
  • - Mandelic Acid - Helps Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Aging Skin & Skin Elasticity.
  • - Pyruvic Acid - Helps the Effects of Scarring & Clearer Skin.
  • - Azelaic Acid - Helps fight Follicle Bacteria & Breakouts.
  • - TEAOXI™ - Delivers Fresh Natural Eucalyptol, Linalool Oil & Powerful Flavonoids.
  • - ACTIVATED-X - Xtreme Absorption Vacuum-Carbon Extracts Sebum Oils, Bacteria & Toxins.
  • - K-17 CLAY - Proprietary 17 Step Process to Better Encapsulate Sebum Oils, Bacteria & Toxins.
  • - LICORICE ROOT - Helps Regulate & Alleviate Problem Skin.
  • - PEPPERMINT PLANT - Helps Control Bacteria & Irritations.
  • - Eucalyptus Leaf - Helps Fight Toxic Skin Complications.

  • The way of using SuperMud is exactly the same way as YouthMud.
    Check out some pictures about SuperMud Mask.

    That's all for my sharing today about Glam Glow Mask, hope you know more about it and try it soon!

    GlamGlow will be officially launched in all outlets Sephora Singapore on the 21st of November 2013 and will be retailing at $92.00 for one jar (15 applys)

    If you're interested in it, grab it fast before all of your friends has it hahahha...Always must be the first one to have a beautiful perfect skin and of course, share it and spread it out this amazing mask to all of your girlfriends and BFFs !!! 世界上没有最丑的女人,只有最懒惰的女人。So don't be lazy girls, love your skin from now and be gorgeous everyday even without makeup!! Just NATURAL BEAUTY, and FLAWLESS SKIN!!

    Thanks for reading =)

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    Bye and good day readers =)

    Sunday, September 15, 2013

    Guangzhou Part 1

    Finally I'm back to blog again. I just settle down yesterday after moving to a new room, as a tourguide for my parents and of course for my Guangzhou trip as well. Actually visiting China has never been come across to my mind as I dont really interested in China all the way while until I met my new colleague in Sephora, Renee from China. And of course I didn't expect that we could go for a trip to China together and our planning and decision was really fast! Well, not only Renee and I will be going for this trip but also another colleague who named, Belle. That was really fun time together and it was an enjoyable trip after all. Shall I start my Day 1 in Guangzhou ?

    Here we go, ....

    We are taking Tiger Airways to Guangzhou from Singapore as this is the only budget airline to fly there. Our flight is in the morning 06.05am and we will be arriving in Guangzhou at 09.50pm so the timing is just nice for us to reach there because the trip from Guangzhou airport to town will takes ard an hour. Its better for you to take MRT to town because it will be more faster and much more safe as the cab in Guangzhou will 'chop' your $$$ if they know you're a foreigner.

    Before taking off...

    After 3 hours of sleep and doing nothing in the flight for an hour, finally we reached GUANGZHOU !! 
    So excited about it and can't wait to reach the town! 
    Don't feel tired at all when you are so excited over something and of course, we are damn hungry too !! 

    Well, we actually took the metro train *socalled MRT* from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to the area where we going to stay. Can't really remember whats the stop. Their metro train speed is even faster than our train in Singapore and it is because the gap from a station to another station is quite far as China is a real big place. 

    Now finally we reached the place and we actually looking for a cab to the hotel but we ended up took 'tuk tuk' to the hotel. We actually got cheated for the first time because the uncle charged us for 30 yuan where is only costs us about 20yuan. Well, its a first time for us so got cheated is for sure one.. 

    I actually forgotten to take a picture of the hotel room that we get somewhere around near 'Shi San Hang' which is New Asia Hotel. Its just very normal hotel room that we last minute got it as we don't satisfied with the very 1st hotel. As for the price is .... DAMN CHEAP !! I think probably only cost each of us $18 per night. Isn't it cheap although is not those high end hotel. 
    Hmmm... at least I took down a picture of the lamp in our room while I lied on the bed after an exhausting flight journey. 

    After we take a rest and it's time to strat our journey liao. 
    The very first thing that came across our mind is FOOD !! 
    Yes, FOOD...we are starving....
    Eventually we settle down in a small restaurant that sell porridge and 'Chu Chang Fen' after walking a long way from our hotel to 'Shang Xia Jiu' street. 

    Here we go!!! 

    Its a Hong Kong style of 'Zhu Chang Fen' and it's my craving for all times!! OMG, the taste is so fantastic and expecially the porridge. The texture when once you put into your mouth, you really can feel the sweet and tasty porridge melts in your mouth... I miss it so muchhh!!! I guess it's the best porridge I've ever tried LOL.. 

    Before I continue, I actually don't take really much picture down as when I took out my camera, everyone is staring at me and my friends keep on reminding me that I have to be really careful to my belongings when I'm there so I abit scare to hang my camera around me at all times, so I just focus into my shopping unless there's some particular things I wanted to snap down. But, I will still try my best to show y'all the best picture during my journey in Guangzhou... Alright, let's continue now.. haha

     After our blissful lunch, what's next on our list? SHOPPING HERE WE COMEEEE!! 

    The first store we visited is Mirror, this boutique actually quite similar to SUB in Malaysia. They only sell black clothes for their entire store. I can say that it's a good choice to shop in the boutique as the quality is perfect and the most important, is the price are so reasonable. I bought a Classic Fullover pants from them and only costs me $18, the quality is as good as the branded ones. Trust me! 

    We also visited Watsons in China, their staff in Watsons is like staffs in Sephora, they actually serve all the customers and do demo for them. You can really feel the differences as they actually serve you when you're in the drugstores..Sounds attractive right? haha . Not only this, they actually have more brands for makeup in their Watsons too. They even have Max Factors counter, tons types of masks and I think a MUST TRY mask is MG by China. I actually read alot of good feedbacks and reviews when I research the info of their products, and of course, Luckily I bought them back too hahaha. the price is only $7 per pack of the mask which you can use it over 10 times. 

    I know it's time to show you some interesting view of 'Shang Xia Jiu' street first..haha

    After a long walk, guess it's time for dessert and rest our sore legs...
    So we found a dessert house in one of the mall, can't really remember what is the name of the dessert store, but it's famous one in China. 

    Is the desserts picture tempt you to dessert house now? 
    Well, you must try their dessert expecially the Papaya boiled Fungus soup. 
    It's good to our skin and beauty.. Perfect for lady always... 

    Then, we continue shop again at the same place and we gonna shop till drop already from one the first day. 
    The items is all so cheap till you are so tempted to buy and the main point is their item is all on trend one, how can you being a lady control yourself from not buying. I can guarantee,confirmed,chopped 90% of all the ladies can die for not shopping. Im one of the 90% ladies.LOL. 
    I even feel guilty for not buying those good quality and cheap goods lohh.. 

    A naked face of mine, taken in one of the mall in 'Shang Xia JIu' street while waiting Belle choosing for her dress. 

    Good time flies real fast, the day slowly strikes to night time, time to had dinner and bed time for us...
    We 'tabao' some streets food back to the hotel , the BBQ pork is freaking nice till I can still remember the taste of it now.. Really miss all the foods in Guangzhou so much. 

    The food streets abit similar to Taiwan, although I didn't been to Taiwan before.. 
    But wait, next year April, I will be going to TAIWAN hor!! 

    Can't wait to eat their crispy chicken and 'ai yu bing' already.. 
    My night time sweetie supper before of to bed, oops no, it's before mask time. 
    If you are going to Guangzhou or any place in China in future, remember to buy more masks to apply when you are there, it's becuase their weather is abit wet so it's the best time to moisture your skin under this kind of perfect weather. 

    First day loots, not really much is because we spend most of our times looking for a hotel room and places we wants to go which is ' Shang Xia Jiu' street. 

    The MG masks that I've mention is in the picture as well if you spotted it. 
    Bought SpongeBob Pajamas at only $8 for 1 pair. 
    3 pairs of socks like Muji's quality at only $2
    Phone case and phone sticker at $3 each. 
    EModa inspiring platform heels at only $18 per pair.
    All clothes above are all between the price of $10-$18.

    Goodnight peeps..Thanks for reading =))

    A selca taken before I off to bed when Im in Guangzhou. 
    Stay tune for Day 2 in Guangzhou =)

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