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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Say YES to L'Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence

I am sure that most of you have known about this brand, L'Oreal Paris and of course you can just easily find them in drugstore like Watsons and Guardian. They are not only focusing on cosmectics but also haircares, and even skincare. SO recently, they just launch their so called new products which is I'm going to blog about today, Youth Code Boosting Essence. Aside from using skincare, do you girls know that how to analysis a skin type of your own and how to choose a right texture of skincare for your own?

Well, I'm not gonna just blog about the products for today but also gonna share some tips to you guys about how to analysis our skin type and what kind of texture of products we should use to get a better skin!
I'm not going to share the Before and After pictures here due to I've had too hectic schedule this few weeks.

Basically, I will be starting by telling you about the background of L'Oreal's products. L'Oreal has a wide range of skincare solutions for your beauty needs. Each of the products is all tested by leading scientist for your safety use and allow you to have a great experience while using their products.

So what is the info about Youth Code Boosting Essence ?  Youth Code Boosting Essence is a lightweight, quick penetrating pre-serum before your moisturizer. As you realised that every brands of serum or essence is always the pricey one, it is because serum and essence have a smaller molecules in it so it has a better absorption and it penetrates faster as compared to moisturizer. Youth Code Boosting Essence is a pre-serum that helps to boosts your skin's absorption power, ensuring that your skin takes in the active ingredients in your subsequent skincare. This way, you can double the effectiveness your skincare products without tossing out a thing.

When used alone, this products makes your skin much more smoother and softer complexion from the very first drop. In a week, your skin texture improves and in a month, your skin looks more youthful, and rejuvenatedand you see more visible results from your skincare. Of course, a better recommendation way is to always use together with a moisturizer so that it can acts as a last layer or a protection layer to seal your serum or essence for a better penetration. After using the Youth Code Boosting Essence, not only you will achieve the better absorption of products but also it will helps to radiance up for a healthy looking skin! TRUST ME THIS! It works!

The great thing about this product is you can use it with any skincare products so that you don't have to waste your current products that you are using all the while.

If you want to achieve a better result, first you need to makesure that your skincare regime is always in order .

1. Cleanse
2. Tone
3. Serum or Essence (Youth Code Boosting Serum)
4. Lotion, Gel or Cream (Moisturizer)
5. Sunblock


1. Makeup Remover
2. Cleansing Milk or Cleansing Water
3. Cleanse
4. Scrub (Twice a week)
5. Toner
6. Mask ( Twice a week)
7. Serum or Essence (Youth Code Boosting Serum)
8. Lotion, Gel or Cream (Moisturizer)

How many types of skin ?

1. Dry ( No oily, easily get sensitive and may causes rashes if it's too dry)
2. Normal
3. Dry Combination or Oily Combination (it might be oily on the T-zone or U-zone)
4. Oily skin ( Shine on the face all the time)
5. Sensitive skin ( Easily got redness, rashes, swelling and infection )

How to choose a right cleanser and moisturizer?


1. Cleanser - Cream or Gel
2. Moisturizer - Cream or Lotion or Emulsion


1. Cleanser - Cream, Gel, Foam
2. Moisturizer - Cream, Lotion and Gel , Emulsion

Dry Combination or Oily Combination

1. Cleanser - Gel, Foam
2. Moisturizer - Lotion, Gel , Emulsion


1. Cleanser - Foam, Gel
2. Moisturizer - Gel, Light Emulsion

Sensitve - Try some products which is natural or organics instead of using chemical brand.

For those who are interested in trying Youth Code Boosting Essence, don't be hesitate and grab it today in any stores of Watsons, Guardians, SASA, Major supermarkets/hypermarkets and selected department stores in Singapore while the price is only at $39.90 which is so reasonable and affordable!

To know more about the products, kindly check out their website at www.youthcode.com.sg or LIKE L'OrealParisSIngapore Facebook Page !!

For those who own an Instagram account, kindly key in #savemywallet if you took a picture of your skincare products with the estimated amoutn ($) to stand a chance to WIN BACK A Youth Code Boosting Essence + Product hamper worth of $300!! Are you the one of the 10 lucky girls??

Check out if you won the prize at http://bit.ly/16Mzznd from the #savemywallet contest.

Thats all for today. Hope you enjoy it and learnt something from the L'Oreal new launch products and of course some of the skincare tips. Will blog more about new launch cosmectics soon and tips to use the products!

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