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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beauty Tips to Live Younger like the 'Lady of Eternal Youth'

Few days ago,I actually found out an interesting articles. The articles is all about a lady who named Masako Mizutani born  in October 10, 1968 from Nagoya,Japan.She also has 2 kids (daughter) and a loyalty husband with her...so what is it so special about her??

I guess you guys gonna be freak out if you don't know about her at all before this..

Well,before we start the issues of her..I'm going to show you guys a few of her pictures and you will just go like 'WOAH,its impossible and it is so MIRACLE!!'

So after viewing the pictures of her..What do you think huh??
Do you ever believe that she's actually already passed the years of 40's?
Do you ever believe that she actually has 2 kids with her which is 20's and 10's?
Do you ever believe that it is so MIRACLE??

Now I'm going to talk about the issue about her based on the articles I have read about.
To be a lady or women to look as young like her,you need not to sacrifice alot but just to sacrifice your time and patience,that's it.
She got all her time in fixed and she always got the strong patience with her all the time..
She also continues the steps of how to taking care her face,skin,hair and body as well for about 20 years and above I guess.

Well as I have read about her artiles that she actually sleeps at 10pm every night accurately and she woke up every morning at 5am just to applying all of her skin care products and doing daily activities.
She even sets all the timing on what to apply on the specific timing that already well planned by herself.
She used up 1 hour just to apply on her Face Toner only...can you imagine how patient she is?

Now I'm going to share about the steps that she do it daily.

The first thing she will do is she keeps herself go for exercise regularly,get enough of sleep hours  and the most importance is DON'T SMOKE!
Because cigarettes contain high level of tobacco and caffeine and these things actually will strongly damage our skin.

Here's the phrase :

One should do regular workouts and should keep the body and mind active to stay young.
One should have enough of sleep and stay away from smoking.

The second things she will only take fresh and healthy food only like 'organic'

One should eat fresh healthy food for a young skin and body.Eating right food makes whole lot of difference in one's appearance. One should have a balanced diet and 4-time meal in small portions.

Eating right food, as fruits, milk, nuts and vegetables are the best way to feed the skin. But one should follow a definite skin care routine to keep the skin young and healthy as it is affected by outside factors as dust, dirt and pollution too.

The third thing is the most common one as everyone knows that drink alots of water and fluids will wash away the toxins and always keep our skin moisture and healthy.
On the other hand,drinking more water will helps in reducing black heads and white heads.
But based on Masako Mizutani,she will grab some pails and place it outside of her house to collect 'rain water' ...and the 'rain water' that she collected will be her daily drinking water and water to use for her bathing and cleansing. This is the most unique way I have ever seen other that the 'rice water' which is each time we can collect it to use right after we have done washing the rice.

The fourth thing is always apply lighter base of cosmectics or shades as you grow older.

One should apply the right make up for the age.
Too bright colors and shades don't suit as age grows so one should apply light make up and should wear light shades to look beautiful and forever young.

Besides,always apply a very thin layer of foundations,BB creamor any base make-ups as it will causes clogged pores if we apply it to thick. This will cause our skin more oily and several of acnes.

The fifth thing is always apply body cream or lotions that contains of Vitamin C and E to keep our skin healthy,soft and supple.

The sixth is always remember to apply UV sunblocks or Sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong UV lightrays as this will causes damage to our skin. Besides,it will also causes your face have those sunspots,age spots,pigmentations and even loss of hydration in your skin.

So for now we need to choose the right sunblocks to prevent from those UV lightrays.
One should choose with those sunblocks with SPF 25 and below because for those sunblocks with SPF 25 and above will be too oily and its totally not suitable for people who have combination skin or oily skin. Here's the right way of applying sunblocks which is most of the people don't know about the right concepts. Sunblocks is needed to reapply every 3-4 hours so that the coverage is always thereand maintained. For those who's on make-up always,you can either choose the Sunblocks in 'mist/spray' forms so that it would be much more easier to reapply on anytime and anywhere! Well, for this you can actually grab yourself one UV SPF45 mist with totally 'Oil-Free' from Enavose Switzerland located at Suntec City Mall Tower 2,Level 2 (opp Auntie Anne) with a cheap and resonable price. they sell at only $39.90/30ml per bottle. It's really effective as I have tried it before. Personally LOVE it very much.

The seventh is always follow the right facial regime every day & night and not to skip any single time if you want to be look good with perfect skin!
The facial regime will always be the same,here's the way:

- Remove make-up
- Exfoliate away your dead skin cells & reducing black heads as much as possible (do it twice a week only)
- Face Cleansing with facial foam,cleanser and etc etc.
- Apply on your mask like hydrating mask,lifting mask,brightening mask and etc etc (twice or three times a week)
- Apply toner with 'pat-ing' formula on a clean cotton pad.
- After your toner, simply apply on your essence or serum with the right skin care depending on your skin type.
- Follow by moisturizer (for those who use moisturizer)

Thats all for the full and correct face care regime.

For those who has sensitive skin, always NOT to buy skin care products that contains alcohol, AHA (a type of alcohol ),whitening or brightening products because most of them will definitely contains of alcohol.

The eight steps is always stay calm and relax whenever stress is striking you. Go for a Spa or a normal relaxing massage will helps in staying calm too.

The ninth is don't take too much alcoholic drinks as it will affect your skin and your body as well likes it will grow a slight tummy.

This is all I got from her articles. Hopefully this may helps you to maintain a good skin and body!!
And I guess I shall have a try follow by her steps and see what will I got..haha!!


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