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Thursday, May 17, 2012

KPOP Issue

Generations for now is all about KPOP...agree with me?

I always hear from people that crazy all over to KPOP is SNSD,Big Bang,FT Island,Shinee,Super Junior,2NE1,and etc etc.

Seriously, for me I always think that Korean Singer is always the most attractive one compared t other country's band singer or solo singer like from Taiwan, States, Hong Kong.
Well why I said so is because you can obviously see it from their total views on their music videos (MV) in YouTube. They almost hit millions on every MV because their music video (MV) is totally awesome,wonderful,fantastic & amazingly attract everyone especially those teenagers. No doubt!

Although I'm not very into KPOP but I still know a feww gourpie from Korea. The group that I love is Big Bang, 2NE1, D-ara, 4 Minute & Hyuna.

Let's talk about Hyuna & 4 Minute..hmmm I think I only know her exist when I'm in Form 5.
Remember back then that my friends and I were busying to find a song that suits to our dance competition under XXXX Company. Well,ta this time my both friends of mine came out an idea which is dance like those KPOPs..
I did agreed with it and we have also chose Change by Hyuna & HuH by 4 Minute.
I love the style of Hyuna which is she's freakin sexy!!! & so do the group members of 4 Minute!!
Their body features,the way they dance and their skin and face look..I can only give a word which is AWESOME!!!

From that time onwards,I have catch up for some of the members in KPOP..and slowly I like FX too..And Lee Hyori?? So called as Lady Gaga of Korean. hahaha!!

Well for Big Bang & 2NE1.. I actually know them eversince my bro had mention them to me few years ago..
hmmm...I can say that I LOVE BIG BANG & 2NE1 the most!!!!
Especially D-ara,G-Dragon, & TOP!!!!
They are awesome and GD is so cuteeeeee!!

Totally melts my heart with his (GD & TOP) cool smile & funny look.

hahhahahaha!! Now I prove it to everyone that I LOVE G DRAGON SO MUCHHH~~ Awww~~ Loves

Looooook looook look loook look at them pleaseeee~~
Isn't they are handsome and cool enough..
Wish to have them as my bro,or friend or as Boyfie..
hahaha well I know is gonna be a dream which will never ever gonna come true..
*Im just craping while expressing how much I love them*


Just now while I'm checking out my Facebook I saw a picture rumours about GD & TOP
with they are in naked and got a close pictures together.
How fake is that and I can't see what's the point of creating all this funny SHIT and sharing it out?
Will you feel better when everyone actually knows the truth and will scold you like hell?

Well,if you hate them so much or trying to create those unnecessary entertainment,please do not ruin their image please,
if everyone truly loves them,they will not bother or be influenced with this funny rumours.

Look...How fake is it??

Amyway and anyhow I will always support & love them!!

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Fion ☮ said...

high 5! i love Hyuna too ^^