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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Here's come a short P-Log (Picture Blog)

So recently I just joined Sephora's dinner and dance at KuDeTA and also flew back to hometown to take a rest for a week. Has been through millions of things and stress regardless in life, personal life nor working life. Whatever is pass means past tense and I will never look back but just look forward for a much better life. I've been independant for years and I promise to myself I will never give up myself and everything. Well, it's just a short speech and I sound abit emo here, but actually it's kind of motivation for myself LOL.. anyway, skip this and I'm going to post some of my selca pictures these few months time,as I have been neglecting my blog recently, rarely join events that Nuffnang has invited me, as I have a really packed schedule =( Hopefully, I can have more time to catch up my blog soon. Sorry readers.. Here's a good catch up for you guys... hehe enjoy my sharing =)

Outfit : 
Old round hat from TaoBao
BartMan Sweater for a rainy day from HumbleBones 
High-waisted pants from Editors Market
Accesories : Pandora and Baby-G

Outfit :
High-necked Leather Top from Styledasher 
Square Shades from Taobao
Infrared Lipstick from Topshop

Halloween Day as a Black Witch

Outfit : 
Fur collar from Daiso
Leather Cropped Top from Styledasher
Black Lipstick from Sephora and MakeUp For Ever

Masquerade Night, Sephora Dinner and Dance 2013 at KuDeTa

Outfit : 
Black Laced Dress from OnlineShop
Black Killer Heels from Calvin Klein
Clutch from Prada

Accesories :
Chanel Earring 
Necklace from Taka Jewellery
Cartier Inspired Ring
Masquerade mask from OnlineShop

Make Up Artist:
Amber from MakeUp For Ever

Hair Stylist : 
Xavier Ng (Senior Stylist) from Next Salon

That's all for today.. 
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