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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Met crocodile meat in Carrefour Suntec!!

While I was having lunch with my colleague,Chanelle. While we still left with 30 mins more breaktime so we decided to walk around in Carrefour hypermarket to seek for facial tissue and sushi rice right after we bought ourself a pack of papaya. Firstly, we went to look for sushi rice and Japanese ingredients then followed by kimchi and those baked ham. The moment we walk to the sushi bar there's a frozen rack right behind the sushi bar, then we went there to chek out the stuff and guess what!?? I met with a crocodile meat section!! Hahahaha I was like WTF??! Singaporean eats crocodile meat?!

Then lots of questions is rushing up to my mind..

1. Singaporean actually eat crocodile meat?
2. How do they cook it?
3. What's with the crocodile tail and crocodile hock?

I was really eager to knw how's the taste of it lol!!

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