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Friday, January 27, 2012

There Goes with My New Lifestyle in New Country

My life in current city,Singapore now is just like the image that shown above here.I've started to in love with the environment,lifestyle and enjoyed every moments and thoughts in Singapore!
One word to describe this country 'awesome' and life here is freak amazing!!

If you were about to ask me what is so attractive about Singapore and I would answer you that they got too much malls to loitter(lepak-ing) around & the second is of course my favourite transportation which is MRT!!
The third thing is they got too much option on restaurants,fast food rest,cafes',clubs,milk tea house & dessert house around the streets & malls. 

Next,if you were about to ask me what is the bad point in Singapore and I would definitely answer is 'RENTAL' !!

Freak!! Rental in Singapore is like taking someone's life! Damn expensive man!!
The second thing is some of  their damn shit attitude! & those 'kia su' habit!!

awww~~ I guess they really should learn about a thing which is tolerate,be manners,respect each others and be FRIENDLY!

*I wrote this is not meant to be offensive in anyway,and if I did,I'm sorry*

But anyhow,starting my new life in Singapore are great and it can be considered as a period for me to be independant and learn to be responsibilities in everything!

Stay Strong & Never Give Up!!
GOOD LUCK to Meeeeee~~~~

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