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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hi Blog Reader!!

NEW PRODUCT!!!! Dont' Miss IT!!
The products in Enavose is natural products insteadly chemical products.
And the main point of our products is we DON'T contains any Parabens, SLES , Mineral Oils , Chemical Fragrances and etc..
The smells of the products is originally extracts from natural herbs,flowers and plants.

Our products do have 6 ranges which is 1st Line,Purific,H20sis,Cellogist,Special Care & Whitening.
The best range among 6 of them will be the Cellogist and so what is so special about it is because the products of Cellogist range is made up by a well known technologies which is Cell Senescence InterveneTec (CS-IT). This technologies is started from Switzerland which is well known since the past 13 years. With this technologies,the products will be able to absorbs straightly into our brain barrier cells insteadly of our first layer of skin cells so OF COURSE it would be much more better and effective compare to the other products out there.

Me myself using the 1st Line,H20sis and Cellogist range.. and I just LOVE this products so much because it can be able to brighten up my skin and keep my skin hydrating always and anywhere.Now I have so much of confidence since I got such good skin attached on my face.. Cheers =))

Take a trip down to our very first main outlet in Singapore City!
For more information, please check out from:

Main Outlet in Singapore

Enavose Switzerland
Suntec City Mall #079/081
3, Temasek Boulevard, 038983

Email : enquire@enavose .com
Tel : (65) 6338 1566
Website : www.enavose.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/enavose

You may drop by to our outlet to try out some samples,demo and FREE skin consultations.
Thanks for support and alert for our promotions every month!!

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