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Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy 3rd Month Anniversary

Happy 3 Months Anniversary with My Baby Bui, Xavier

Happy 3 Months Anniversary to you my Baby Bui, Xavier..
You Are My Precious Only One for now and the following times..

I felt so thankful to had you in my life
Get to know you is the luckiest thing I ever met
Be with you and spending my time with you is the greatest thing I've ever done
Had my every single meal with you is my pleasure

I simply love the moment when our hands are held so tight to each others,
I simply love the feeling when we are preparing food in the kitchen..it's so loving,
I simply love the way we used to tease and flirt to each other,
I simply love the way we sleep next to each other,
I simply love the feel when we standing each other and kept silent..Still we can felt the warmth of our LOVE,

I just simply love every moment and every single thing we've been through together although we are not in a luxuries condition but SIMPLE is just GREAT.
As long as we deeply in love each other,
Everything will be fine.

Our relationship are just like a cartoon story of 'Tom & Jerry'
We used to tease,fight,creates epic moment,flirts to each other..
but ...
We both really can't live without each other..

You're my Only One and I will be your last one
Promised never leave each other apart
and our deal is to be loving until the end of our life

Love You My Baby Boy
Hearts & Hugs

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