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Friday, February 3, 2012

SWATCH TOUCH!! Thanks My Baby!!!

Valentines Day is around the corner and by counting down is only 11days more..
For the people who are not single,I guess you were busying and cracking up your head for thinking what to prepare,what to buy as a gift for your beloved ones,where to dine-in a candle light dinner during the night and so on...

Well,I'm one of them too..
I was thinking what to buy for my beloved baby Xavier and I had totally no idea at all.
I might be buying him a Chanel perfume..but still considering for a better one..

Out of sudden,he texted me and told me that he bought a Valentines Pressie for me and ask me to guess what is it and he refused to give me any hint and said that I will eventually know it when it comes to the 14th of February 2012.
Well Im not a patient one so I demanded him to give it to me at night and he agreed because he actually wanted to give it to me on the night too as he was excited to see whats my reaction when i received the gift.

When I get the gift from his bag as he ask me to take it out by myself from his navy blue bag.
Then I slowly took it out and I saw a paperbag carrier of Swatch!
I was like 'hang' there for a moment and I actually never expected that he will buy me that Swatch Touch watch for me as we both always said that wanted to buy a pair so that we can wear a same watch (couple watch).

Thanks Baby!! I really LOVE the gift so much!!

ENDED UP..I know what I wanna buy him as a Valentines Gift afterall..hahaa!!
Buy him back the Swatch Touch so that both of us can finally own it and can wear the same watch together..


Swatch Touch Black

Full set of the Pressie

                          Love it so much !!

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