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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Studio Photoshoot for Girlfriend's BlogShop 'Shop Oh Roses'...

Studio Shooting ISSUE 

Hmmmm.... this is my very very first time to step into studio to do shooting so this is my virginity of photoshooting in studio!! Sheela!! I've gave my virgin to you!! hahahahahaha!!

Joking =)))

Well....as I said that it was my forst time to do indoor shooting so I'm not so sure if my skills are strong enough for the indoor part..and of course I will be better for outdoor part.. So hope you dont mind if there's any dissapointment..buuuuuut I guess shouldn't be any problem laaaa...and I think Im not that LOUSY though..
But at the end of the day..the results will be...I'M ACTUALLY GOOD AT INDOOR SHOOTING ALSO!! Whee~~

If you don't mind can ask me for Freelance Photography!! Would like to take up more experince in this line!
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Venue : Candle Studio Boutique, Bali Lane 
Website : http://www.candleboutiquesg.com

Check it out!!!!
They got 2 studios to rent out for hourly rates and actually the price will be reasonable =))
& Feel free to go for shopping in it!! They got great and quality stuff selling at LOW & REASONABLE PRICE!!!!!

Now back to the shooting issues...

I'm receiving a mission which is to snap 11 types of clothings from new upcoming blogshop which is 

ShopOhRoses : http://shopohroses.blogspot.com

Check out the new blogshop for Nice Outfit!! 
Good Quality at Low Price!! 

Follow their Twitter & Facebook too!!

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