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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Avengers!!!

I guess 'The Avengers' is one of the so called BIG Movie of year 2012..
What makes me think of that is every day when I logged in into my Facebook account,I can see everyone is talking and taking pictures of their movie tickets which is the TOP movie 'The Avengers' and makes me so tempted to watch it also so was my boyfie.

Well,as I'm kinda busy at the moment so I'm pretty excited of going to the cinema and watch it.
And finally last few days I get to watch it with my boyfie in The Cathay DG.

Hm...First of all,I actually not really into those Marvels although sometimes my brother have told me about the issue for few times..I think overall of so many heroes,I just know a few of them only,let me list them out and not going to over 10 I guess...

6.Captain America

That's all the heroes that I know...told ya!! hahaha That it not going to be over 10 of them hahahhaa!!

Okay,now let's back to the Avengers topic..the movie can be rated as 'AWESOME'..Its freak awesome man!!
Their superpowers,outlook,intelligence and especially the house of the Ironman is the best one!!
And actually there's a few epic and funny seems in the movie and got the crowd laughing in the cinema.
The graphics,storyline and all is nice too. I love the war ships too!! Expecially the scene of they are going to lifting up the wasships from the middle of the sea. COOL sia!! The 4 supoer big windwheels.
I was like WOW..!!

Right after this movie,I actually plan to catch up all the heroes movie so that I will know more detail on how they come from and exist in Marvel. I even played the Marvel Avengers game in Facebook lo.

For those who loves Marvels alot,you can have a try for the Marvel Avengers game in Facebook. Its kinda fun but of course the graphic wont be very nice one but still is acceptable.

Will continue for this once I fully catch up all the heroes movie of Marvel.hahaha...

That's all for today,Byeee~~

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