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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Urban Decay GiveAway

Getting more and more brands in those beauty products and even cosmectics and skin care are coming up to the market and what's more is most of the products are playing the main role and concept which is they actually started to go green which is comes up with loads types of Organic Products or can be called as Natural Products. like Kiehls, Eco Care,Enavose, Suki, and etc etc.

Anyway, themost important is you can bring up with the suitable skin care for your skin or else no points although you spend thousands dollars on these stuff. You gotta know really well about your overall skin. So that when it comes to buy those skin care products, you actually could be more alert in choosing the right one for your skin to prevents from rashes,break outs and even causes serious sensitive skin.

Well, while I scroll to view my own blog to check if there's any comments leaving, I saw a comment which is left by one of my GFC (Google Friend Connect), Lexi..
She's actually running a GiveAway programmes in her own blog which is you need to be the magical 100 followers of her to get the Urban Decay Pack Products by her as a GiveAway gifts. For more entries (10 entries) to caught up a higher chances to winning for the GiveAway Pack, you actually need to follow her Twitter on @leximinty and her Facebook.

Besides, if you wanna join in into this Urban Decay GiveAway you needa follow the folowing steps.

Requirements :
Anyone can take part as long as you got your own blog. Will be open up for internationally.  Mutiple winners which is 100 sets of GiftPack going to be GiveAway.

1. Own yourself a blog
2. Sign in and join her site through GFC (Google Friend Connect)
3. You gotta post about the Urban Decay GiveAway in your blog and share it to your friends.
4. For more entries enter (more chances of winning), you can follow her on Facebook which is you can build up an extra 5 entries.
6. You can also follow her on Twitter account @leximinty and retweet it ''@leximinty is having a #giveaway because she's amazingly generous : ) i've entered it and so should you!'' to gain another 5 extra entries.
7. The last steps is you gotta comment on her post by written down your Facebook username,Twitter username, your blog url and also your GFC account.

That is so easy. well for now,just pray and stay calm to wait for the good news announce to you.

You can also check out this on her personal blog at http://leximintyfresh.blogspot.com
Meanwhile you also can check out on this products at www.urbandecay.com

Good Luck & All the Best!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this! good luck! here's my facebook, too: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003827123666

Jowey aka 小鬼 said...

Welcome. Okay sure thanks a lot. Will add you in my fb later yea!!

Minnie said...

I just enter too :) BTW how about follow each other sweetie? I am following you , please check my blog and follow me if you like. xo

Jowey aka 小鬼 said...

alright sweetie. I will following you back dear Minnie =) do stay tune for my posts always and thanks for following =)