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Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a Satisfaction Tiring Day I Had

Sound funny when I mentioned that I actually had a tiring day with full of satisfaction.
It is because I finally spent my dayoff on SPORTS yesterday!! Look carefully is FINALLY which means that I kept on delay on doing it previously.

I got the reason okayy..ahhhaa..
the reason is because I need to wait for my beloved mum to get me my both racquets so only that I can starts my workout in Singapore.

And for the swimming, actually I had promised myself that I will go for swimming every of my dayoff a few months ago but I only did it yesterday.

Until the last two weeks only I decided to go for workout to get a healthier life.
I have also booked the badminton court in the Community Centre nearby my house and went for swimming right fater the badminton session with my boyfie.
The badminton court for 1 hour is only for $3.00!! Cheap sia!
And the admission fee to enter into the Swimming complex is only $1.00 for adult during weekdays!!

Well I guess I've never step in into the badminton court since a year ago and I have stopped swimming for a year plus already.
Still doubting if I still know how to swim.
hahhaa..guess what? Right after yesterday's badminton session only I realized that I had to keep myself doing workout and exercise after stopped for a year!! Previously I always go to play badminton whenever I'm free and I usually can play up to 2 hours without stopping or resting. Since yesterday,I know that I've getting older hahahhaa!! Body system are getting older & rusty already!!

I just played for like 15 mins and it's going to kill me seriously...I was like yelling at there and said that I need 100 Plus right now so freakin badly!! or else Im going to die real soon!!hahahaha!!
How embarassing I am..Gosh!! Im super active okay previously but now like young teenage with dead body..hahhaa!!

Gonna catch up!! No worries!! Gambateh!!

As for the swimming session,I'm still okay la yet I am so excited while I saw the big pool right infront of me and cause me so tempted to jump into the pool!! Damn happy!! Now FINALLY I can swim!!! wheee~~~

Here's the pool with only 1.0 metre..
Nex time Imma gonna go for 1.2 metre competition pool. hehehe

I actually planned to snap few pictures of myself in brand new swimming costumes by Speedo,my goggles,the pools and environment..
But due to my mentally overexcited, I have forgotten to snap it!! hahaha

Next time I gonna snap it!! Promised!!

The last thing about tiring is the workout is actually killin me so badly for the next day!!
My entirely body is freakin pain right now until I cant able to lift up high my hand and can't get to walk faster..Gonna walk like those aunties uncles like that..pain sia..

But after few days will be alright..hehehe

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healthy life =)