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Monday, May 7, 2012


After so many pots...I felt that I used to start my issue or blog post with 'WELL' hahaha..
Well...I actually got influence by my 'music teacher' when I was in my sec school..

Whatever...just forget bout it and I should bounce back to my issue for today...it all about WIG!! Hair Wig!!

Hmm...I actually ordered 2 hair wigs last few weeks and finally they are here with me right now!!
Pretty excited and was wondering how do I actually looks like with the freak damn long wigs and a one lane short wig..haha!!

I ordered it from TaoBao.com and I guess the shop's name is tmall if Im not mistaken with the name..
Anyway...first few batch of stuffs received from TaoBao is actually not very satisfying and a lil dissapointing but still gotta accept it as it's from so called 'online shop' dfrom CHINA..
And the shipment is actually kinda cosy but still acceptable la as the shipment service is actually very GOOD!!

Somehow I actually rush to front of my lappie and browse back to the webbie link that I order the wig from and reed all the review to see if its good condition..(forget about it when I order) but luckily everything turns out quite good as all the buyers are giving them back a very good compliment as like those wigs are actually looks kinda real..nice quality or in good condition..gonna buy again next time..
LUCKILY!!! all the compliments I have read is all a good compliment instead of those bad complains or bad conditions..

Okay!! Now I got the wigs with me right now and I actualyl rush back home right after my supper session with my friends n boyfie to just try out the wigs with my roomates!! ahhaha

Well....both of us really gone crazy and full of excitement while we putting the wigs on our head..
Laughs all the middle of the night!!
hahahhaa!! LOL!!

Guess what?? It was my very first time to wear a haiw wig on my head okay??
As in a FULL HAIR WIG insteadly of hair extensions or those hair clips..

Firstly I wear up the Wig Net to makesure all of my real hair is in the net so that it will be easier to wear on the hair wig..

First...I wear on the short hair wig..and the moment I wear up...I was like laughing non stop because I CAN'T FIND THE FRONT FRINGE and it makes me cant able to see anything (it totally blocks my view) ahhahahhahaha!!
So do my roomates laughed at me too.. *embarrasment* SHYT!! ahahha

That time I was thinking that..I cant even manage a short wig and I really couldn't imagine that I try to put on the long wig...gonna takes me super long time!!


Then..after I got the right way to put on it..Finally!! I have alry tried both of the wigs successfully!! and the outcomes are.................. THUMBS UP!! Nice!! and it looks quite real!!

Somehow...the long wig still need to trim as it is too long for me as IM SO SHORT!! hahahaha!!

So STAY TUNE!! For my wig session photo album!!!
Diff Looks,Diff Hairstyle, Diff Makeups!!


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