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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Raining Cooling Day

Awww... It's been raining for the whole long night since yesterday..
I love the cooling day and the cooling wind blow towards to me!

I just freaking love this feeling! How I wish that I could sleep longer #likealousai and I dont need to wake up for the sake of working life, and just sleep the whole day long! ahhaha *dream longer*

Well,gotta face it too...because Im not the daughter of those super rich people..haahaa!!
It's a very very very normal post is about the weather though...

To thank you for your viewing,will share out some pics about weekends,saturday,morning and a nice weather picha to you to make you day brighter!!

 Have a great weekend! OMG! You've got greeted by this BIG LIPS MONKEY! LOL

Get a LiFe man! It's Saturday Night! Drink & Dance till Drops! *BoomShakalaka*

It's a cute picture of a 'stickman' holding an umbrella during the nice rainy day.

Well,this is the back of you holding an umbrella! hahaha! Well it connected to rainy day so I just posted it =)

Now this is the dropings of the rain on the pathway
Nice photo isn't it?

That's for my Morning Saturday session bloggie updates =)
More to comes!
What are youw aiting for? Follow me!!!!!!!!!

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