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Monday, October 29, 2012

My First V-Log

Gonna blog about my First V-Log making ever so which means it will be very LAME! haha
Well, I actually didn't think of making any V-Log yet because I got no idea on the video editor and the main point is I DONT EVEN KNOW which software is to EDIT VIDEO..
*embarassing...face turned red*
I will improve more and I will try to find out software to edit videos so I can do more V-Log oftenly.
Today, I am going to show you guys my V-Log about my boyfie and I went damn bored so I ended up decide to record a short video clip but I got no idea with it.. so we both actually sat down and stunning quite few minutes and at this time, it flashed in my mind! It's Running Man! Not whole game of Running Man..it's part of it only. LOL..
It's the part where all the Running Mens are twisting themselves by doing the elephant pose and after 20 rounds they must walk to the main point. So boyfie and I decided to CHALLENGE it.
Tadahhhh....watch my video first before I continue...~~

The edit of the video might be the MOST SIMPLE but I will improve it..I promise.
Anyway, I edited it by using Windows Movie Maker.Good try though..
*self praised* tsk tsk
After watching the video, have you spotted those funny parts?
Yes! the most funny parts *to me* is the moment I fell down!!
Guess what? When I fell off, I actually laughed non-stop at myself although I am trying hard to stand up again when I can feel the LOST OF DIRECTION because is damn dizziness.  
By the way, I SUCCEEDS !!
My boyfie didn't realize that it's time to walk to the main point so he keep twisting and twisting LIKE A BOSS !!
He only stops twisting and start walking to the main point when I shouted at him
 ' You want to twist till when and when do you plan to stop?? '
Now...only he realised ...zzz *dumb*
HAHHAHA!! Funny is he tries to stable himself first LOL..with the damn awkward POSE!!
SO, ended up he SUCCEEDS too!!
End of story for the video.
Well this video might not a funny one or anything, but I hope you guys enjoy it.
One thing to apologize is, I don't get why the video can't be play on mobile devices and I actually went to set it but I failed.
So you guys HAVE TO WATCH it by PC or laptop..sorry =(
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