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Saturday, November 10, 2012

PREVIEW : Crazy Neon Colour Hairdye!

Hey readers, I am back to here again. I am sorry for not keeping update my blogpost constantly because my lappie has brokedown as I mentioned before *I guess* and been busy around preparing my things to back hometown on next Sunday and also changing to a new company so not really have much time for me to blog and I am so so so guilty about it.
So I decided to make a short post as in PREVIEW for my new coming up blogpost soon.
 *I'll try my best to make it ASAP*
Well, I guess most of you surely knew that I have been to a Hairshow during the past 2 months and my hairdo will be ombre of Yellow and Orange if you followed my blogpost always. And this time, I got a call from Kimage and manager of Chapter 2 Marina Square and I was informed that I'm selected to have a photoshooting session of my hair for Kimage and Chapter 2 newsletter card.
OF course! I would say YES!! hahaha.

SO now I am going to show you the PREVIEW ONLY!!

deng deng deng deeeeeng~~ *Well, I sound stupid for typing the sound effect here LOL*
Want to know more what colour I am doing for the newsletter photoshooting?
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Alright, I will sign off here and of course, once I got all the ori pictures from the principal of Kimage, I will share it out here so STAY TUNE readers!
Of course, always think of KIMAGE or CHAPTER 2 whenever you wanna get a haircut!
I love THEM!

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