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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Army X Denim Photoshoot

Here's my latest photoshoot...
Well, I didn't know why but I just feel like doing it because I realised that it's been a very long time I didn't do any photoshoot besides the Bangkok one. 

So overall the photoshoot is all by ME, myself. 
Lol..as in hairstyle,makeup,apparel matching,modelling,photographer,editor..
Wow..I'm so proud of myself now, but of course, it might not the perfect one but still I'm satisfied with it.

Anyway, I am not going to talk much in this post, but just to show my pictures.  
Was thinking to edit with Adobe Photoshop but I deleted so I just use a very basic photoshop programme to edit all of the pictures, which is Photoscape.

Since I can't tell anything for this post but I am just gonna introduce with the makeup and apparel Im using for this shooting alright?
Just for sharing..hehehe 

Let's start with make-up first okay? 

Make Up of the Day

Face Primer - MakeUp ForEver HD Primer #2
Face Foundation - MakeUp ForEver HD Foundation #115
Pressed Powder - Sephora Mattifying Powder R15
Brow Pencil - Silkygirl, Dark Brown
Eye Liner - Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner (Intense Black)
Waterline - Kate Retractable Eyeliner (Black)
- NYX Pencil Eyeliner (White)
Blusher - Sasatinnie Cream Blusher (Coral Peach)
- Elianto Blush-On (Baby Pink)
Lips - Nude Lipstick from Mac (Lady Gaga Edition)
- Light Coverage Lipstick by Sephora (Pink) 

Outfit of the Day

Accesories :

1. Rounded Sunglasses from TaoBao
2. Studded Bracelet from H&M
3. Metal Skull Necklace from Platinum Mall,Bangkok 
4. Gold Retro watch from Casio
5. Full Studded Flats (own selling - $25 per pair)

Apparel : 

1. Cropped 'Geek' in Army prints tee from Bugis Street
2. Splashed paint black shorts from Platinum Mall,Bangkok

2. White plain tube from New Look
3. Dip-dyed Denim Allover from Platinum Mall,Bangkok

Hope you guys enjoy it and kindly leave comments if you like to.

Got no idea that why did I ended up posting both of them, because I'm having dilemma on which to be post up..so this is it, I posted both of them!! hahaha

Mission Accomplished! 

Please kindly leave comments if you like to, before you close this window, 


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Thank you and LOVES XOXO!!!!

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