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Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Our Hand wearing the same watch (Swatch Touch) with the same colour by Swatch..

This is our precious thoughts & memories..
Love & never leave each other alone..

Loves and Happy Valentines Day Baby..

Wish everyone has a unforgettable Valentines Day and cherish this special day.
To those who are single, don't be down, just go out to have fun with friends and in order you might be the lucky one to meet someone or know someone new unexpectedly.

Be happy & Cheers..

Guys :

Please do cherish your loved one and treat her well (not only on Valentines Day but since the day u get together with her). Never letting her down and never hurt her. Please remember what you have promised her and never ever forget the deal and promises. Hug her & tell her I Love You whenever she is crying ,angry, or sad. Always be with her whenever they really need you. Never lie to her. Never betray her. Respect her.


Please be the understanding one instead of being ridiculous all the time. Never lie to him. Gives him support and be with him whenever they are having an obstacles or a problem. Allow him to have some personal space as in let him join with his friends once in a while. Respect them.

Happy Valentines Day Again To Everyone Out There

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