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Friday, February 10, 2012

Im Having A Dilemma

Not Blogging for couple of days...because I was busying with my iPhone 4.
Went to jailbreak it on last Sunday in Tampines St.23 and I lost all of my phone contacts and apps as well..

Was so sad so Im busying download it all over again and save all the phone contacts of my families & friends =)

Well..Finally I'm done and finally I can get myself a free time to blog again..

Anyway,the title of this post is ' I'm having a Dilemma '.....
Guess what??
The dreams I have been thinking on finally going to come true soon!! Truely REAL SOON!!
I can finally buy myself a DSLR!!
But I was having a dilemma to either buy Canon 600D or Nikon D5100.
Well,my heart is choosing Nikon D5100 while my mind is Canon 600D.

So,I went to Facebook to ask my net friends for which is the better one and everyone's saying CANON!!
My boyfie loves Canon too..
But I love NIKON maaa~~

Still considering for which to choose *laughs*

Will update once I get My New Baby Toy 'DSLR' !!




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