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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bad Day

Last Wednesday was my lovely offday and I got a day out with my boyfie and his buddies.
Guess what??!

I think it was my BAD DAY!
My shoe was torn that I bought it the day before the outing at Bugis Street.
It costs me $69.90!!!! Yet the quality is SUCKS!!
From that seconds onwards,I freaking swear to myself not to buy goods in BUGIS STREET anymore as the quality is really sucks and I will never trust them anymore.

Well, on that time we was having our shopping in Tangs Orchard. With no other any choice,on the spot I just get myself a pair of high converse shoe at $65.90.
And I get the BEIGE want! Yay!!
Long time didnt buy CONVERSE already.

Satisfaction =))
Once I wore it on and I quickly ask my friends to step on my shoes because thats the only way to make Converse shoe looks nice and perfect when they are really gets dirty and blackie.

hahahhaa..Insane!! LOL!!

After that,we continue our day by walking into PRADA shop and look around, loittering around Orchard's Topman, Cineleisure and lastly...

Get our ass back home..
Tireed Day & its totally not my day!

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