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Friday, March 23, 2012

Draw Something


Familiar with this apps?
I guess you guys surely know about this apps..because it was the hittest apps for now and everyone is crazy over it (including me) !!

I was so addicted into this game and its freak awesome hahaha!!!
And my boyfie always likes to snatch away my iPhone to play this game and I can't play after that.
But sometimes,kind of killing off my brain cells because I really didnt know what the opponent trying to draw and the most difficult part is,you have to look at the weirdo thingy that they drawn and figure out the answer..

At last,you still can figure it out and the only choice you really need to streak out.

you have to replay.. Sighs..
hahahaha as long as can gain back the coins will be okay

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DrawSomething : JoweyKong

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