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Friday, March 23, 2012

Creating Stuff through Apps!!

Get bored of playing games?
Get bored of your tiring job?
Get bored when you got nothing else to do?
Get bored while you got too much free time?
Get bored when you just finish your meal and you left with extra time?

Well....dont waste the time as TIME IS GOLD!
Come on check out these apps and its so much fun and its really a great apps to kill times!\

Trust Me!!!

Apps Name : Pocoyize
By Appstore

You can creating all the character by your own imagination of your families,relatives,siblings,friends or your colleagues.
Then you can set it as a Caller Photo!!

Its Fun!!! 

Cute right??!

The left one is me and created by my boyfie and the right one of course is my beloved baby,I created it for him. But he keep saying that it doesn't looks like him!!

Sad sia!!
Nevermind hahahaha!!
I juist mention that create it through our own imagination so who cares??! hahahaha
I will ignore it!! muahahaha

Have fun with this!!

The next apps is also nice and it suits to make it as a greetings,e-card or MMS.
The most important is it can kills time too!!

Apps Name : Finger Face
Addition to make it nice : DecoSama
by Appstore

Created by my boyfie, Xavier (his finger)

Created by me ^^
Its my finger~~ =))

So cute~~ awww...

Create one for your loves one and send it for them.
It works!! If you are about to make their heart melts.

So sweet...

Try It!!!!

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