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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Registration for GCE O'Level

Today received the confirmation email from the SEAB Centre.
Thursday needa got up early and go to register for my GCE O'Level exam for Combined Science in Biology & Chemistry.

So which means that my study life going to restart soon!!
Ahha~~ happy and yet Im so excited. needa put double effort to cope my studies and Im aiming for A!!! ITS A!!! I need to do it so that I can appeal for eaither Diploma in Biotechnology or Diploma in Vetinery in Temasek Polytechinic!

Gambateh!! My studies life going to starts on the beginning of APRIL!!!! Focus Focus & Focus!1
No more playing or wasting my time loiterring around during night time!!
Gotta study during night & during my day off!!

I believe that LIFE IS EVEN MUCH FUN if now I sacrifice my time to stuudy well so that in future I can be able to earn more money to go around for travel and for fun!! Its never too late yet!!

Imma going to start with

- Buy assesment books
- Prepare myself a new stationary set like pencil case,pens,files,papers,notebooks & etc.
- Check out the info in Public Library if they need to sign up anything.
- Countdown the date of EXAM !

Thats all I guess!!
Well Imma going to tell Mum & bro about this news and I guess they gonna be happy for me =)
But for now Im countdown-ing the time to IPOH with my baby boy and to meet my family and friends at there!!!!

Gonna have fun and take alot of pictures!! LEGGOOO~~~ Happy yaw~~~
& have fun time with my family and go SING K!! Gonna duet our best duet song with my dearest brother!! (My Way by Frank Sinatra)

I think Im going to meet up some new friends too as they are my boyfie's bestie!!
Well,Nice to meet you guys in advance!!!! *Hope on that time I wont be freaking out,nervous or shy*

Looking forward for it!! Left 6 more days =))))

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