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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Well, now I'm officially HATE those CHINA people with no doubt!! 

They are really sucks and their mind is really as narrow as I expected!
Lets say the LANGUAGE..
WHY??? WHY do they always need to use CHINESE to make their business or whatever shit?
BECAUSE they are really sucks in ENGLISH!!
I guess when you scold them that they got NO GUTS also they won't understand!

Come On!! Its 21st Century!! Everyone is using ENGLISH and its the INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE which is every countries knw it insteadly CHINESE!! Wake up la!! Stop Dreaming weih! And how come your CHINA still left behind?

Say I don't knw MANDARIN and how can I become a Beauty Advisor.. 
HAHAHAHHAHA!!! You're just freaking kidding me!! 

Who says that don't know MANDARIN can't be a Beauty Advisor??!
Our BRAND is from SWITZERLAND instead CHINA!!! HELLOOO!!!!

'BEAUTY AWARDS'... You don't knw what is BEAUTY AWARDS??? BIG LAUGH!!!
You're so embarrassing lo..
even a primary school students also knw what is 'BEAUTY AWARDS'

And since you are so clever enough right and you think you are qualified to say me, then you teach me to translate it la??

Fcuk IT!!! Damn IT!!!!!

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