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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yesterday night I actually try out some kind of Biore Black Heads Removal peels that bought by my boyfie. So Im trying it out and see if it's effective or not..
Never been use it before in my lifetime.. It's my very furst time...
Gonna try it #LikeALouSai

This is the sachet of the Black Pore Peel

The sachet and the behind of the box..
Well,the front box is being crumpled so badly so I just can try my best to capture the back box of it.
So Sorry =(

I think the sheet of peel is too big for my mini* face..
Look..its already almost to the part of my cheek.
And ignores my tired face expression..hahha!!

This is the peeled out one. Can't see it clearly throught this image if the black/white heads is being peeled out..but it's effective though I can actually see the tiny white heads on the black sheet of peel.
Try It Today!

You can get it from any beauty stops like Guardian,Watsons or supermarkets?

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