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Thursday, May 31, 2012

300512 Outing Day with Boyfie

The day of 300512 is a Wednesday, supposingly we are planning to swim together and just stay at home by playing his own online games and I will stay in his room for studying. Somehow, I got a 360 degree changes of my mind, so I actually drag my boyfie out of his house to accompany me to go for shopping for my dress ...

I had really noidea of which mall I should go so we ended up called a cab and went to Cineleisure Orchard. While on the way, my boyfie kept telling me that he's starving so I promised him to treat him BFF.

Now,we are standing right in front of the BFF stores and he turn his head to the Cathay Cineplex Ticketing Counter and of course I knw! What he's thinking in his mind... SO HE SAID I DONT WANT BFF alry...I WANT TO WATCH 'MIB 3' (Men In Black 3)

Well, I got a bit 'beh syok' la coz in the first place is I don't plan to come for a movie, I just plan to shop! No any intention of movie-ing in my mind~~ Second, is I dont even watch for the MIB 1 & 2!! How am I going to catch up for the whole story...

Sighs..What to do??! I promised him to treat him, so he actually exchange the BFF into a movie ticket! How clever he is... Urghh~~

Alright, we have bought our ticket and we had our lunch in Shin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, and we were serve by a few aunties (waitress in the rest.)... They serve us with a warmth mama feel!! Awww...so loving and warm.. and don't forget!! Their sweet smile =)))
After ordering, of course we are going to had our SELCA moment while waiting our lunchie..

My *mini eyes* -.- 

hahaha the way I smile is freakin nerd..

Now the normal one...ahhhha!!

After SELCA done...Im rushing to feed my pet in 'Monster Pet Shop' apps.. New Iphone Game!! Cute!! I like the moment you gave them the toys... their CUTE face just melts you hearts!!

His name is 'Chuffle'...cute right??
He's playing his ball #likealousai

Now the time finally strikes to 4.20pm so its MOVIE TIME!!!!!!!! ~~
Well, I'm still pretty excited la although I don't watch for the MIB 1 & 2..
(pretends #likealousai*) hahaha!!

............................................ MOVIE ENDS !!

Finally the movie ends and I actually love this movie because its kind of comedy but yet it has some alien's thingy... Maybe cause of Will Smith?? He's pretty cute and funny somehow..

So FULLY RATED for MIB 3!! Watch it today!!

I love this 'stick'..
because when it flashed to somebody,it will totally delete away the person's memory
Cool right??! I wish I had it! Then I'm gonna get all the money from any of the bank and delete their memory away hahhaa!!

Oh ya!!! The second thing I love in this movie is this supercool bike!
It's freak awesome!!!!!

I saw this while searching those images from Google
It says that COMING SOON in iPhone,iPad & Android!
Which means there's MIB game going to be launch soon!
Can't wait Can't Wait!!

Hmmm.. I wonder how the game looks like..
It's going to be a shooting alien games or searching for the BORIS THE ANIMAL??
Or is it going to complete some alien cases..!!

While I'm on my way walking to the Orchard Rd side, I foung out this kinda lil cute garden!! So wonderland feel..

I like the wordings..

The ticketing booth looks like an IGLOO!!

The entire Garden look

Flight Schedule from the other side of the garden

They are having Instagram contect too for those who has the highest vote for their pictures taken.
I actually wanted to join it but when I look at the prizes will be given away for the winner is not that interesting so ...

Other than this interesting garden, while I'm on my way walking to Roxy & Quiksilver, I saw an oldies version of Porsche was displaying outside of a mall. Damn pretty man!! I wish I'm the driver!!

Its written as Porsche Coupe 912 since year 1967

The side entire view of the Porsche

Now it's time to go home for dinner after a long day walk.. my lil tummy starts 'grumbling' all the way alry.. and my mind is flashing out those nice dishes and makes me more HUNGRY!!
And oh yea!! What a sad ending is I ended up with buying NOTHING!!!! Tired die me for trying out those dresses but it's not really what I wanted.

On my way home, I saw a gang of MAFIA!! It's actually MAFIA CATS!! =.=

Hahahhaha!! LOOK AT THEM!! They are really all in black!
Black Cat? Mafia? Godfather? Black Women? or Cat Women?

Tadahh~~ thats all about today's outing =)

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