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Friday, May 4, 2012

Fantastic baby大马版

*Video above is Malaysian Version of Fnatastic Baby by Big Bang (by sec students)*

Basically everyone knows that Big Bang came Alive again with a new BOOMBASTIC album and the hittest song for the album drop to 'Boom shakalaka' (Familiar with this phrase??)
Oh yea...you got that right!!
Say what~~ WoW Fantastic Baby!! Dance...woooohooooo

Followed by the Blue,Bad Boy and so on...
Awww just simply love and addicted to every songs of this album! It is freaking awesome and especially GD & TOP!!
Super HANDSOME~~~ *melting*

Anyway..the issue for today is the Malaysia version of Fantastic Baby..
Well I got no any bad compliment at it as actually the whole video it didnt stated any bad signs of Big Bang..so still can be accepted..and on the other hand will be these students who created this video is actually they are freak talented in this field..
Not Bad Not Bad..but just that the Make Up side will not be very good..
Well...Pracrtice makes perfect!!

But no matter how it is..!! Still See Original Support original!!

Im going to show the official Music Video of Fantastic Baby by Big Bang!!!

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