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Monday, April 30, 2012

What's NEXT??!

What's the NEXT issue??
I guess everyone knew that Mother's Day is coming up next in two weeks time..

So have you guys & girls ready up for some gifts or surprise for your beloved mama??
Well..seriously said that I HAVE NOT PLAN ANYTHING YET!! hahahaha!!!
But although I have already plan but still I cant get to meet up my mum to do the celebrations with her..
All I can do is only give her a call and wish her a greet..sighs..I miss her soooooo much!!

Dont worry..I will celebrate it with her together with her birthday...!!
All I want her to be is be healthy & happy always!! I LOVE YOU MUM!!

So...people out there..please do appreciate your mother as when they are still alive..don't ever do things that you may regret when they leaves you..
Always remember that the moment they gave birth to you is the most painful moment ever in their life but still they take up the responsibilities to take care every single things of you and never leaves you or give up on you!!

Nobody's love would be bigger than a MOTHER's LOVE!!
Although you dont have any luxuries gift for them but at least a sincere greets to them..TRUST ME!! They will also be very happy although it is just a normal greet because at least they really know that you always appreciate & remember them in their mind..

Luxuries Gift but without any sincere..equals to FAKE!!
Because every mother don't demend or request anything from you ...but ll they want is you to be a very good boy or daughter always,healthy always and give more attention & time for them only..This is what they want you to give them instead of those luxuries gift..

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