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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#Like A Lou Sai


Today Imma going to share #LikeALouSai (Like A Boss)

Well, I'm pretty sure that most of the KL-rean know this phrase which is

#Like A Lou Sai
which means Like A Boss in English.

This phrase was created by a mere KL-rean who named Joseph as you can find him through 'Germani Productions'

He's kinda famous in KL I guess eversince he started use the phrase #LikeALouSai and always makes YouTube videos.
You can also find him through his Facebook Page at Joseph Germani 

Hmm...What makes me got the motivation to blog about him is because my boyfie showed me a video of a bus driver who just drive pass the flash flood while every other car just remain stucked at there and he is the only vehicle which is moving all the way through the floods.
And the title of the video is Drive Like A Boss (Click it and watch)

So this video actually makes me recall back then that there's a guy who always make YouTube videos and he is the one who starts the words of
Like A Lou Sai

So I held up his phone and click the search button
typing down 'Like A Lou Sai by GermaniProductions'
and showed him the video of how the phrase Like A Boss started.

Then, we both were like so exciting and watched the video together with just a pair of earphones (share) while sitting in the train.
We were kept laughing at the video and guess what??!

My boyfie now started to greet me 'Like A Lou Sai' instead of a proper 'Hello'
whenever I answered his call
Gosh!! I guess Im'ma get annoyed by him real soon by this phrase but yet is cool and at the same time it sounds LAME too (=.=)"

Then I will soon become as the picture shown below.. zzz

*with brain exploded*
- LOL -

Aite Aite!!(shortform of Alright**)

Now enjoy the atachment video of Like A Lou Sai down here!!
Hope you like it!
Well I LOVE IT!!

#Like A Lou Sai
Story how he started with this phrase
(Cantonese Ver.)

King Of Gamblers (Lou Sai of Gambles)
Nice & Funny Video!!
Especially the Marigold Apple Juice Part!!
Laughed my ASS OFF!!!

to brought us more entertaining videos!
Im gonna start using the phrase of #LikeALouSai for my blog,tweets,FaceBook updates and etc from now onwards!!

Blogged Like A Lou Sai!!

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