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Monday, May 28, 2012

Tragic Crashed!

Well I'm pretty sure that most of the people who lived in Singapore surely know about the crash accident happen in Rochor once again after a week of the Red Ferrari-taxi crashed that actually instandly killed 3 people on the scenes on the last Saturday morning.

Here's the attachment of the video of the Ferrari-taxi crashed:
Ferrari-Taxi crashed

This news is quite famous as lots of people is sharing out the video of the Ferrari-Taxi crash in Facebook,Twitter or whatever social sites.
And I actually knew this news from Yahoo..

Now,here's another crash accident happen in Rochor which is at the SAME DIRECTION, SAME SITE, SAME DAY (Saturday) except different timing. It's so eerily similar to the Ferarri-taxi crashed that happen agains.

The accident occurred at 3:16am on Saturday morning (a week after the Ferrari-taxi crash), when a Lexus ran the red light and hit a Comfort Delgro taxi.
The 30-year-old Chinese male driver of the Lexus was arrested on the spot for drunk driving.

The Lexus subsequently hit two more cars before coming to a stop.
Fortunately that the crash of this time isn't causes any fatalities..GOD Bless!
The taxi driver was unharmed but his 30-year-old male passenger was sent to the hospital for treatment and has since been discharged.
The accident was caught on tape by another taxi driver who was just seconds behind the first taxi. In the video,the Lexus is shown hitting the rear of the taxi at high speed, sending the taxi into a tailspin.

Below is the attachment of the crash accident video :
Lexus-Taxi crash accident

There's also alot of concerning comments was leave when they share this out to Facebook.
Some of them were written that 'We can be patience for waiting the red light,but life does not come for the second time'

Is truse enough that Facebooker leaves the comment because nothing else is more important than our lifes.. Anything can just be repeated or try again but the only thing that doesn't come for the second time will be our precious life.

So we should be more concerning and more careful although you are just a pedestrian who walk by the road,or a cyclist who cycles the sidewalk or u are a motorcyclist or anything that related to the transportation and road.

Because sometimes even you are very careful for it,but some other people who don't,ended up you will be hitten up by innocent like the taxe driver who hits by the Ferrari driver.


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