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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BIG BANG Alive Tour 2012

Yesterday when I was awake from a long noon nap..I sat infront of the PC and typing down 'www.facebook.com' and logged in my account..
Slowly scolling down to see the news feed and I saw a link regarding a headline of newspaper with written down 'BIG BANG 1027' then I was like yelling excitingly towards my boyfie that

'Yay! Finally they've released the date of their concert that in Malaysia,so Singapore also must be the same thing too...OMG'

Then I quickly went to BigBang's Official Page in Facebook which is Big Bang Official Facebook Siteand scroll all the way down just to find out another link to see the tour schedule at BigBang Alive Tour

Well,they are going to held their Alive Tour concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium. which can be consider as a largest place for concert events..*I guess* because Lady Gaga's World Tour is also held at the same place anyway.. So that's why I guess that it could be the largest place of all..

Back to Big Bang, the date of the show will be held on 28th of September 2012 ...its much more faster than I expected..
Well, after that I tried so hard just to figure out how much will be the ticket cost..I've found SISTIC and a few of them but still couldn't find it..I guess the price is not fixed yet...

Imma get the VIP place is for sure!! hahahhaa!! Just the intention of getting myself as near as I can to see my G-dragon & TOP!! arghh...Must be a crazy night though!!

I really can't wait for the days come!!! It's so exciting and I'm going to take leave just for the show for sure!
And I guess I will shop for their posters like it is FREE hahahhahahha!! *EXPECTED*

That's all for this topic and I will update the price of the Alive Tour as soon as I get to find out the exact price!!
 Can't wait for it! Yay!!

Before I end this, Im going to show a video which is 'Big Bang's Alive Tour in Korea'..


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