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Friday, June 1, 2012

BigBang Monster Music Video Teaser

Im pretty excited for the BigBang New Upcoming Music Video which is Monster!
Especially G-D's new hairstyle! Is fully RED into him and he got an awesome mohawk on his head!
Can't wait Can't wait!!

I love his MUSHROOM head too..
It's so called as Vidal sassoon's hairstyle..
Gonna hit this hairstyle once my hair grow longer!

I love his EYES COLOUR so damn mucccch!!
Fucking cool sia..

Seungri's version

TaeYang's Version

I'm trying to find out Daesung's version want..but aomehow I just cant find it although I search it for like quite few times and I failed so....just forget bout it.!!

So guys ENJOY!! 

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