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Friday, June 1, 2012

JUNE 010612

Today is the FIRST DAY of JUNE..So JUNE you better treat me the best one,treat me the luckiest one,treat me gently and treat me #LikeALouSai..LOL *laughsoutloud*

Well,oday is the beginning and also the first day of the month of June..
And I actually saw alot of people updating their Facebook status is all about June!

Bye May,Hi June...Having a nightmare on the earlier of June..Good ahead of June and blablabla..

So I decided to update my blog with a JUNE issue too..
I have saw a few people having a very bad day and cursing all the way for the first day of June so Im going to share out some funny videos so hopefully it will make your day..

First of all, The funniest video that I love so much is ....*watch the video below and you will know*

Hmm..this video is actually whenever I'm down, I will play it and watch it. When you saw the response of those babies give..you actually can smile or laugh automatically..
trust me..Watch this!

  Is it funny?? Their sour face after trying out the taste of LEMON..

Now is the LAME one..But its truly true la..if your guys go 'Clubbing' oftenly..
Errrmmm... this video actually quite hit at the moment in Facebook...I'm pretty sure most of you have been wwatched it..but I don't care...
Still wanted to share it!

How to dance in the club - Part 1

How to dance in the club - Part 2

How to dance in the club - Part 3

That;s it for today..Hopefully these videos make your day =)
♥♥♥ Happy June ♥♥♥

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