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Monday, June 18, 2012

Penang Time AGAIN!!!! 15062012 - 17062012

 Finally the day 'Back To Penang' has already come!
It's 14062012 NIGHT and we are going to depart at 9.00pm at Golden Mile Complex. 

Tooooook loads of luggage by myself including Xavier's luggage because he straight go to Golden Mile Complex to meet me so bo bian loh...needa help him take along..

Know what?! WHen I'm on my way to go Golden Mile Complex only he called me and told me that he forgotten to get his passport so I need to rush all the way back to his house and get it for him.. 
For that moment I'm thinking what if he doesn't realize it until we reached the checkpoint there...hahahaha!! 
Of coz I will be turning into an 'ANGRY BIRD' !!

So this is how I look when I'm boarding the bus 
Soooo BOYISH LOOK I know..
with an Era Cap's on my head..COOL!

Being vain in the bus..hahhaa

I think I need a nose surgery on my face to make it perfect hahahhaa!!


Yay!! Took this picture on the Penang Bridge! Means we are about to reach in 10mins time!! Wooohooo!! 
SO EXCITED!! Can see my mama,grandma and all my babes!!! 
Look at him...sleep and cover the blanket #likealousai #likeaboss LMAO
Thought that he's a vegetable LOL
He gonna kill me if he see this!

Okayy...of course I were like so crazy when I see my mama!! Talk non-stop in the car *as usual lah*
Went to have Dim-Sum as breakfast then go to renewal my driving licence (mama sponsored me..yay!!)

Then go back,trim hair by boyfie and he got a random customer by my neighbour's grandchildren haha
Got ourself ready and guess what? I failed my time management this time..every timing that I've planned all couldn;t make it on time..
Sighs @.@

Head out to GURNEY PLAZA now!
Fetched Amanda,Yen & Via..
While on our way to fetch the sexy Via,we actually saw a baby phytons died on the road...
Yucks** I actually scream in my own car and I started to imagining that the snake going to slides up into my car if I don't move on faster (situation of the road is so JAMMED!!)

But boyfie said that the snake already DIED!
Then I was like...really boh?

We reached Gurney Plaza now!

We had our lunch in Xuan Xin Restaurant on the 2nd floor of New Wing (I used to work there last time)
The 'Lok Kah Wah' is my COUSIN BRO!! hahahahhhahaha!!
*明日之星* well this is the word how I teased him hahaha
The chinese word like so LAME right?

Now we are in RED BOX which means our Singing Session la!
Look at our Sexy Sylvia...so GORGEOUS!! *drooling*

       This is our #outfit of the day...(Left : Sylvia, Right: Jowey which is me) Sylvia is the one who suggested to take such pic to actually post it up to LookBook when she ask if I'm playing LookBook and I said 'Yes'
Well I love my own outfit of the day so much especially with my Adidas Printed Leopard Tee (Limited Edition)

Candid shot by Sylvia! Thanks and I love this so much!! heehe

Now SMILE~~ with my babe Amanda

She look so down weih...hhahhhaa

My Best Buddy ever that she will just show up at anytime whenever I needed her! Thanks Luke!!
She came to pass me the souvenir all the way from Germany (Someday by Justin Bieber) and 2 Longchamp that I asked her to help me buy from Germany too!
And we actually got a date on August to go see 'Ah Gua' at Love Lane!! ahhaha

                                               My Babes Yen & Amanda!! hehehehhhee...

Freak Selca ahhaha!!

Yen,Karen,Sylvia,Amanda and ME!!
Can you see me?? No? Yes? No?
Of course NO because Im the one holding camera!

Look at the Dramatic Yen! She's singing during this time but yet she still wanna take part in this picture. LOL
Oops..Sylvia is kissing Karen's boobs hahha

Sexayy Karen and Sylvia 

Supposingly there's much more picture but its in the other camera,so I gotta wait for the 'Yen' to send me first only I can share it out...
Well,after our singing session, we head to Coffee Island to slack 

This is the sign of the toilets in Coffee Island
hahaha!! Pee #likealousai

After sending all of them homw except Amanda (following me back home)
Now here's the tattoo session!
To all of my blog readers, I'm sure you guys knw about a post of mine is talking about that Im going to post up a VLOG of my tattoo version for my boyfie..
I couldnt make it because my videoman(YEN) coudn't make it for me becaus ethe next day she needa go to KL so she can't actually stayed up late at my home.. 
Im really sorry guys..but don't worry because I'm going to make a touch up for my boyfie during August so will upload the video of 'touching-up' his tattoo..


Blur view because I don't want to reveal the real view of it until I touched up everything and perfect to see.
hahahhaa so I just show the outline only.
So we actually stayed up until 5am morning only we can get to sleep..PITY US!!


Playboy perfume that bought it in Gurney Plaza! Nice smell and I love it so much! 
Black one is the Play It Spicy which is my boyfie's want..
Pick one is the PLay It Lovely which is mine want...

I thought there must be some differences of the bottles but its actually the same..

Now this is the SomeDay by Justin Bieber (50ml)

the box and the bottle of Someday *loves*

The Medium Le Plieage Longchamp Paris (Black)

Had our luncie with my beloved mama and grandma!!
We brought my boyfie to the Penang local food at Lorong Selamat Famous Char Koay Teow there.

My pretty mama enjoying her Siam Laksa which including coconut milk in the soup.

  Look at my grandma's face..ahahha so 'boh kamuan' LOL ..Well she also enjoying her Siam Laksa..
My boyfie enjoying his Assam Laksa & Ice Kacang!

Assam Laksa

Curry Mee! I ate halfway only I remember to take the picture of it..hahha

The famous Char Koay Teow cost minimum of RM7.50 per plate.

Night time comes and it's time to prepare for my friend's wedding dinner 'Vina and her husband Tryan'
at Tian Yi Restaurant.

I got myself wearing a black V-shape of front and back dress (LOVE THIS DRESS SO MUCH!)
Make up of the night 
#darkliner #blusher #korean's eyebrow #nude lips #fakeendeyelashes

This is my selca of the night! hehehhe

Shirly and her boyfie,Hugo... Vina and her husband Tryan

Me and my boyfie,Xavier and the oretty brides Vina and her husband Tryan
*ignoresmyface* hahha Im talking at the moment LOL

Actually I don't knw this girl la but her side face is so alike the Malaysia Top Blogger 'Chuckei Jane' so I just posted it up as well LOL

Vina and her husband Tryan.
Wish them happiness!!

The moment they walk in 

This lil girl look so CUTE and PRETTY right?? haha!! 
Know what?! aThey actually apply on FAKE EYELASH! 
Kids nowadays are so cool! LOL

Gift of the welcome wedding dinner

  The moment we enjoy the FISH! 
From left Hugo,Shirly,Me,Xavier amd Charmaine.
You knw what? through this dinner only I knw that Charmaine got too many philosophy LOL!
She very particular wan la..Funny sia.                               

After dinner, we went chilling at Starbucks in Gurney Plaza..
Of course I will be having my all time favourite drinks which is Cream Caramel and Xavier ordered Java Chips.
Nice night gathering with primary schoolmates! Long time didn't talk already..

Shot by Xavier while Charmaine is acting LOL..
(shooting her again,,she gonna kill me soon!)
Well, after we chit chat whole night, actually I personally thinks that Charmaine should do some recording and post it up to YouTube..
She is so talented in those craping LOL 
And Im sure that she gonna be famous if she do VLOG always and started to blog!

P/S : Trust me Charm,if you are reading this, you should take my words and make it worksI'M WAITING FOR YOUR VIDEO! 

The couple..

The cute couple =)

Look so blur la...

This better alots =)

and this is the best shot one! LOL

So after slacking, Charmaine went home with me and got a haircut from Xavier. So you can scroll back to the top and be alert of Charmaine's previous hairstyle..

AND NOW!! The new hairstyle's of hers but just back view only LOL

Her right side

Her left side

The back side

After the cutting session ends at 2am in the morning and we sent Charm home.
So, Xavier decided to bring my dog along too la.. 
then when we reach my house parking area, I also guided Xavier how to drive as he requested and demand from me loads of time already 
After we were like rounding around the parking area for more than 15 times only we decided to go back to sleep alry..
By the time we reached my home already 3am so I also walked in into my mum's bedroom to remove my make-ups then suddenly something come across my mind which is I'm wondering why ain't my dog walking all around..
Then I straight walk into my room and look for Xavier..
I asked him, 'hey did you bring Pilly back home?'

We both like 'stund' for a few seconds and we started laugh like crazy and I said that 'you actually already forgotten him and you just simply leave him behind,why are you such cruel' (with joking voice lah)
Then we kept on laughing again..hahahahhaa!! LOL

Well no doubt that Xavier is being so forgetful la because at the first place he already forget to bring his passport until the last minute only he realize and called me to help him get it..zzz

So we go all the way down to get Pilly back home and the next day morning I actually tell my mum about it..
She laughed too and grab up my dog and she started to tell my dog that 'we are so bad because left him behind of the car and forget to carry him back'


Finally the day of going back to Singapore has come too. 
I actually don't wish to come back to Singapore as I miss my family,friends,food and everything in Penang so much!!!!
It's so totally my heaven! 
But I got no choice,gotta go also..Nevermind,another 2 months I will be going back again which is August!!

Penang! I will be back in 2 months time again! 

Last 2 picture taken with Pilly (sayang pilly back)

Last picture taken with Pilly.

I will miss all of you in PENANG!!
Bye Penang & Hi to Singapore again!

Below is the picture of clouds and skies taken when we are on the flight on the way back to Singapore.

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