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Friday, June 8, 2012

#Yummy Food Sharing

If someone knows me alot,defitenately they know that I kinda like of Thai Cuisin especially TOM YUM GOONG! All time favourite! *drooling~~*

I got so bored with most of the food stalls in Food Terrace,Suntec City so one day I decided just to walk a whole round of the whole food court to seek for foods that I never tried before and hers I found a food stall that selling all kinds of famous Thai food in Thailand. And the point is the people who selling these foods are also from Thailand!!

*Ho seh liao la!*
Finally, can get to eat the real Thai Tom Yum Goong alry! Well previously I was freaking craving for Tom Yum so I also tried it at Siam Kitchen Bugis Junctiion, the Tom Yum Goong taste is so much difference! I get into Siam kitchen is because the name of the shop stated SIAM so I expect it to be very tasty like those TomYum taste you can get it in Malaysia or Thailand, but too bad, I was being cheated by the name of  'SIAM KITCHEN'. Damn!


Well,back to the topic then in Suntec Food Stall..
So! Guess what?! I'm going to order??!!
Of course TOM YUM la!! Yes!! I've ordered seafood Tom Yum with a bowl of plain steamed white rice and it cost me for $5 bucks only! Cheap sia!! The Tom Yum has 2 BIG Prawns too!
 Overall....the tom yum can be rated as BOTH THUMBS UP!!

The 3rd time I go , I didnt order Tom Yum as my tummy is not in a condition to take up Tom Yum so I ordered Pineapple Fried Rice. They got 2 BIG Prawns too! Cost me $4.50 only! Again Cheap sia!!
While I'm doing my payment for the food to the auntie, the auntie gave my hairsyle for a compliment and the chef inside the kitchen walk out and take a look too and they are talking 'Thai Language' !@#$%^&!@#$%^ so I don't really know what they are saying all about.. ahhaha!! Sekali they said that I'm FUGLY!!

Hahhahaha!! I'm just joking #likealousai! LOL

Alright, now its time to show you the picture of the PineApple Fried Rice !

NICE!!!!! YummY!! only $4.50!!

Next is the McCafe! I think most of the time Im having my breakkie,lunchie,and supper in Mcdonalds,but i've never tried before the McCafe.
So the night before I decided to have a cup of Frappe Caramel as Im craving for Cream Caramel from Coffee Bean.
The Frapper Caramel not bad though but its not really what i wanted. I want is the one in Coffee Bean which is totally Pure Caramel with Cream only! That's my all time favourite too!!

So the Frappe Caramel from McCafe only cost me $4.80 so can be say its NICE too!! Go grab a cup of Frappe today!

Frappe Caramel

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