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Friday, June 8, 2012

Final Respect to my Beloved

#Issue about Final Respect to my Beloved Family Members, William Kong (My uncle) and Alviss Kong (Cousin Bro)

It's already been 2 years ago for my cousin's inceident and a year ago for my uncle's incident.
Well, Im going to start for my cousin bro's incident first..

He's one of my uncle's son which is my father's brother's son. We used to stay together always when we are kids and the time I stay in KL.
He's more closer with my bro as both of them are boys so no doubt. But eversince we moved to Penang, we rarely contact with him already as everone of us has already grown up and has our own friends and we also had a quite far distance away...

He's a guy who likes to play online games at home always and seldom hang himself out with his friends.he is the one who used to ask me to eat more and grow taller for like at least 165-170cm and thats the reason he always call me 'shorty'.
So we actually not very familiar with his lifestyle as we rarely connect to each other d..so when we receive a call from one of our uncle says about his suicides incident in the conversations, everyone of us actually get shocks and I still remember back that time I just awake and my mum was talking on the phone with my uncle from KL, my mum is signalling to me and says that someone died coz of suicidal,but I never expected that the person is my cousin. So I quickly ran into my bro's room and tries to wake him up to rush down to KL,but he refused to wake up, so I said 'SaiFung is DEAD'...

Guess what? My bro straight turn his eyeball super BIG and you can actually see that he's shocked too..

So yeah, we rush down immediately by driving down to KL..

I'm sure most of the Malaysian knows this news as its getting on the headlines for like a few days.
can be said as the hittest topic of that week.
yeah, of course there's also a few bunches of reporters appear during the funeral is going on.
and of course,his hundreds of royal fans and friends from Facebook also attend his funeral.

This is the car taken from his house downstairs where he dropped down from 14th floor.

My uncle told me that when he rush down tried to save my cousin,
my cousin actually tearing in pain and you can see him in regrets..
While my uncle tries to save him by doing the very best but still there's no way to wake him up back to life..
The moment we hear this, we felt very sad and few of us tearing too.
you can try to imagine the situation of my uncle..
it's totally SAD!

Anyhow,we will remember him and cherish him deep inside our heart.
Rest In Peace again


After our cousin incident, my mum always gave a ring to my uncle to ask if he's okay and send him regards to makesure that he's fine.
But somehow things is about to happen, we can't block it or stop it too..

Now here's the second time of SHOCK..but this time is I'm the one who know this first..

For the whole evening,my cousin sister from KL is actually kept calling me but I missed it..
So I thought there ain't anything special happen so I didnt call back also.
Until the same night, my friend actually posted on my FB wall and says that

'Hey your uncle passed away?? RIP anyways'

Then I was like 'WTH my uncle is still alive okay, they are creating those ridiculous rumours or fake pictures again' so I ignores it..
A few minutes later I went to bed and I starts thinking that my friend's post...and at the same time, my cousin kept calling me..

Then I was like *FREAK* don't tell me that it's real..
I quickly jump off the bed and rush in my bro's room, and search for those newspaper news on the websites...then my cousin sis called again...this time I didn't miss it and I answered.


My cousin said 'PS Uncle William passed away already in the afternoon'..I was like *speechless* caused of getting shock for a while..

Hmmm... that time its kinda late night already and my mum fall sick and slept already..
So my bro and I actually sat in the living room and discuss about it if wanted to tell mum about it.

Here we decided to let my mum know in the next morning but the moment I wanted to walk back into my room, my mum woke up and came out to take her medicine, and I actually tells out about the incident.

My mum tearing out the moment I told her everything because Uncle William is the best uncle I ever had. He used to help us whenever we are having obstacles and alot of stuff so he's really meant to us.

And mum decided to get down to KL again.. and this time its my turn to drive all the way down to KL as mum is not in the good condition to drive..

HELLO MAN!! I'm only 17 and just got my FRESH LICENCE! 4 hours of HIGHWAY! Gotta be kidding me! Well, Challenge accepted.


Well, back to my uncle... he's actually a very kind hearted person and he would be trying his very best just to get something done no matter how hard it is.
He's a real good DAD always to his own kids..
He sent her daughter to be a stewardress and at the same time he arranged every path for her too. He's a very deep thinker or considerate and a gentle person when it comes to his children.
And of course my cousin bro is my uncle's precious one..
So eversince my cousin has already passed away, he actually tries to find a lots of ways to build up a Alviss Kong Life Care Centre with NON PROFIT COMPANY but still there's a lot of STUPIDITY PEOPLE who always thinks that he is trying to use his good name of his son to earn more money

*FUCK!* Tries to think deeply, will you ever to take your son's benefit just to earn more money for your own self good?? If you are, you are just nothing worth than an animal!!

He tries to throw his own money for like over RM20,000 just to make a 15mins video in YouTube in order to help more teenagers out there for not to follow my cousin's steps.

Is this also call to find benefit by his son's name and popularity??
If he really is, what's the point of my uncle spending away his money for like RM20,000 just kto make such video? Might as well, earn back the RM20,000 by his son's name instead of spending so much time and gold on this!

*Don't ever tries to judge someone when you don't know any SHIT about the whole thing okay!*

He build up this Life Care Centre is the intention of saving and helping more teenagers who commited into various problems, they also got a few volunteers consultants too. All of these is totally sponsor by people and there's NO PROFIT at all..

The day before he died, he actually drive all the way down to Johor just to help to consult a teenage girl who commited into love problems.

And because of his tiredness and missing his son too much, and those STUPIDITY PEOPLE who are creating more and more ridiculous rumours about him to get benefit by his son's name...No one is trying to stand on his shoe and deeply thinks everything and concern about his hardness.
He can't take it due to his heart attack condition and of course he's already very old as he's already 61 years old.

Who kills him??!! All those STUPIDITY PEOPLE with tooooooo much FREE TIME to create such NON-LOGICAL & RIDICULOUS ISSUES,COMMENTS,RUMOURS when they don't knw any SHIT about this!

Im gonna say to you 'BOO!' when all of you are right in front of me!


A Luxury Mercedes-Benz final respect services (was sponsored for his last respects)

Yeah its me with the black shorts and white tee...standing next to my mum with blue tee\
Paying last respect

RIP Uncle William

The few scene pictures taken from the 15mins video in YouTube.

Here's the video of THE MOMENT OF TRUTH directed by my uncle

From this, you can see how important his son to him.
He would never take his own son just for his own sake of benefit and earn money.
So people out there,please be considerate and not to simply judge people when you dont knw anything.

RIP Uncle William

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