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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loads of Stuff

Somehow, I've been left out some of the pictures and stories for those past posts so I'm going to update it all today, I knw is PRETTY LATE but there's a phrase says that 'LATE is always better than NEVER' right??!

ANyway, now I'm going to start update by posting some pictures and some stories behind of each photos now..

Do you remember this outfit?
 Yeah its from my July Babe posts and album in my Facebook =)
So this is my #OOTD (outfit of the day) right after I finished my shooting session,
gone for movie with the boyfie (Spiderman)
Well, the movie is pretty nice as its much more batter compare to the last one which is I think the last Spiderman movie is in year 2002.

Outfit :

1. Denim Jacket (Taobao)

2. Black Pants from Mango
3. Gold Retro watch from Casio
4. Studded shoe from MYSELF! Well, I sell it, interested can check out in my Facebook!
(Got discount for my blog readers ^.^)
5. Leopard Printed Bow-Tie from Bugis Street
6. The whole body is from MY MOM..LOL *joking*

This is my #MUOTD (Make-Up of the Day)
Nice not? hahaha First time ever with such dark make-ups heading out from my house! LOL

Cosmectics :

1. Fake Eyelashes from Daiso Orchard
2. Liquid Eyeliner from M.A.C.
3. Eyeliner from NYX
4. Eyelash Glue from Japan Brand *I can't remember what name of the brand*
5. Eyebrow Pencil from Etude House
6. BB Cream by Ellisha Coy (Online)
7. Loose Powder by Maybelline
8. Nude Colour Lipstick from M.A.C. (Lady Gaga Series)

So here's my SELCA right after I finished my July Babe photoshoot session. *with iPhone frontcam*
Apps using for the collage pictures and the effects is from Appstore (美图秀秀)
Anyway, the mustache thingy is DIY one okayy!! hahaha see see see how talented I am.. LOL  

Now its my boyfie's PINK HAIR !!
His own selca with his colleague iPhone and he forced me to help him edit for it by the way.
Probably he must be too in love with G-Dragon *no doubt lah*
My GD so HANDSOME lehhh~~
So yeah, the hair colour was totally inspired by G-Dragon's new hair colour for his job which is a magazine shooting in Paris (BAZAAR Magazine)
I wish I can dye too but *sighs* I can't  =(


Here's our two lil cute 'DanShui Ah Po Metal Egg' keychain from Taiwan.
Cute righhhhht ??
Thanks Charles for the two lil precious and cute keychain!!
I already hang it on my pouch and my boyfie hang it on his bunch of house keys.
Black is the boyfie one and mine is the PINKISH one..BIG LOVE
Appeciate =)

Coach Mirror with a beautiful leather case for it.
Well I'm not sure if it's authentic but I got it a japanese magazine that bought from Kinokuniya Bookstore in Bugis.
Anyway, I love it so much and the case is just perfect! haha
Although I'm not a big lover of Coach lah but still I like it till I keep it in my luggage and not willing to use it.

Well, did I told you all about I got a weird philosophy all these while?
I guess not, so I'm going to expose the philosophy of mine now!!
Sounds macam I so proud to tell it out..GOSH
Okay !! Here's the thing ....
Whenever the things is too nice for me or too precious even it's a food!!
I would rather to store it or keep it till everything has been spoil or expired,
I will also still keeping it WITHOUT USING IT AT ALL !!

Im weird right ?? Isn't it ??

So this is the second thing I wanted to 'show off' a bit bit..
hahahah *self high* LOL
Aiyaaa...its a black handbag from Mango and boyfie bought it as my 19th Birthday Gift lah..
Well, although to some of the people might think that its a very normal gift or not enough expensive, but to me, this is more than enough because all I need is not the price of the item but the sincerity of his heart!
althought he just anyhow bring me to eat McDonalds during my birthday I also felt happy already lahh..
hahahha *but impossible he could do this to me*

So yeah! Thanks for the gift babe and I love it so much!

Appreciate !!

Look !! I'm still bother to be vain and start SELCA all around while I'm with my nose strips on!
SO the nose strips is the one that I have blogged it previously..
Its a Biore Nose STrips for whiteheads and blackheads!
Well, I like this product very much as it's really effective!
*2nd picture is taken after a week which means few days ago* 

deng deng deng deeeeeng ~~

My boyfie also wanted a nail art too when I'm applying the nail lacquer on my nail
And he requested that he wanted the glitter-ing thingy on his nail too like mine..
SO what to do?? Bo bian loh..just do it !!
So yeah!! We got the same exactly nailart together..
*ignore my short fingers*

Base will be  Black colour with silver glittering nail lacquer on just a few of the fingernails only..

Nail Lacquer by OPI (Black one)
The Silver Glitter is from Sasa 

So the other few days, we went to loitre around in Orchard Central while waiting a few friends of us doing their stuff in Essensual by Toni&Guy 

Here's the outfit of the day and I've been candid by the boyfie
Thanks babe !!

Outfit :

1. Red Checks Jacket by Hot Element,Penang Msia
2. Tokyo Printed singlet from Taobao
3. Denim High Waist Shorts from friend's Online Shop
 4. Heart Shaped Leopard Printed Socks from New Look
5. 3-eyed Boot from Taobao
6. Mustache Ring from Cineleisure
7. Gold Retro Watch from Casio

And also bought myself 2 packs of mask (pink one is for boyfie)
Its Dewy Tree Face Mask from Korea.
Well, I haven't try the mask yet so I'm not sure if the mask is effective or not.
Gonna blog about it again once I try the mask.

So, I bought these in Watson Singapore
Buy 3 FREE 1 pc.
$3.90 per packet.


So I think I have done updating those left out things for my past posts..!!
Hope you enjoy readers!!


Now this is the current post I wanted to update my bloggie after so long ...
If anyone follow my Instagram Im sure most of them knew about my new haircolour ?!
hahaha but it didnt stated on what colour of hair Im having now lah..so later Im going to tell what colour I dyed..

Well, if you are NOT my FOLLOWERS in my INSTAGRAM yet..
Kindly held up your phone NOW !
Press into your Instagram and search me @joweykong and FOLLOW ME !!

So here's the step to bleach my hair

Step 1 - Sadly say BYE BYE to my faded 'Brown' hair colour
 *can really see how sad my face is okayy*

Step 2 - ARE YOU READY ? Cover around my neck area with a piece of cloth
*still vain-ing*

Step 3 - Start bleaching my roots first because the tail of my hair has been permed before so needed laft aside first. Look at my 'Mohawk'.. chio right? I knew it ! Chio #LikeALouSai
*makes me think of the GATSBY Hair Commercial LOL*

Step 4 - TadaHHH !!  Bleaching process done ! my hair now is yellowish now ! But just get to enjoy for a few minutes only, I can't have BLONDE hair when I wanted it so much.. sighs   

Tried to be those modelling eh pattern while SELCA hahahhaa!!
Too bad I failed to do so..LMAO !!
but at least I like my LIPS in this picture okayy..
*forget it and ignore my blurrr eyes*

Now here's my fast shot SELCA while the stylist is preparing the 2nd layer of colour for me.
Heh !!
*sorry if the filter effects is too bright and causes can't see my face clearly*

SO the second layer will be LIGHT ASH and dye it with contrast way! SO coming Thursday will take more picture during my Outing

But for my thoughts, I always thinks that picture can't see our face cleary or covering our face except eyes with our hands are always perfect!
Yeah Right! Another weird philosophy I had again !!

So here's the last thing I wanted to share with.. After hair-do done, I was fucking hungry and I went to nearest 7-eleven to grab something to eat, ended up I chose a cup of Thai Tom Yum Instant Noodles and by the time I went to pay money, I saw alots of eggs in a basket is like the below picture *the egg wrapped with nice packaging* and this reminds me of one of the Xiaxue's Guide To Life : Weird Stuff  has thought of this egg before, so I grabbed it and add into my instant noodles.

The taste is nice, is something like the herbal egg taste, but it's soy sauce lah..
the yolk is exactly the same as we fresly make it one.. but the egg white maybe taste like the Taiwan's Metal Egg, a bit hard compare to the normal egg that we freshly boiled it.

That's all for today's posts! Hope you enjoy reading and thanks you to all of my precious readers ..

LOVEs !!

 Last but not least..

Follow me lehhh...

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♔ Intuition ♫ MagicDrag ♔ said...

u and ur bf make such perfect couple!! i love ur eye makeup btw. are u a K POP fan as well?? the way u dressed is so korean-ish! LOVE IT TO THE MAX xoxo

Jowey aka 小鬼 said...

Hey girl, thanks alot hahaha..I guess he would be happy till fly if I tell him about this..yea,he's kind of cute kid haha.. Thanks and I actually practice for it alots.. YAP! Absolutely a KPOP Fans! hahha.. err,,yea sometimes, their style is cool and nice, but most of time I might go for my own way to style up or dress up myself, because I love to be Unique haha!! Anyway, thanks alot and appreciate for your posted comment! Love