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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My 19th Birthday Celebration

Yeah ! That's right!! My 19th Birthday Celebration and it actually happen in Singapore! hahaha which means I celebrate my 1st birthday celebration in Singapore city after came here for the 10th months alry..Well although I do have lots of fun in Singapore but still I miss my own hometown, Penang so much and my craziness BFFs and Girlfriends all around me in Penang,Malaysia..

I think I would be like busying going out all around this whole weke if I were in penang now just for my bday celebration, but no worries, hahahha!! Because I am planning to had my 21st Birthday Celebration with Pool Party themed in Penang with all of my BFFs and girlfriends!!


Alright! I think I should start talking about my main point here instead of crapping all around *cutting the craps*

So, I am going to blog about my Part 1 of my 19th Birthday Celebration with my 2 dear colleagues (friends).
Heh!! actually we planned to hang out since last month as we didn't actually hang out together and not even once, so we are so exciting over this DATE actually..LOL..
At first we were just planning to go for a drink but I added that ''IT'S JULY!! My birthday month'' so ended up they said make it as my celebration as well, i actually just joking around only but they keen to make it! So LOTS OF LOVE AND BIG THANKS FROM BOTH OF YOU< LOVELYY!!

LOL!! So we had our late dinner at Hooters, Clarke Quay and after that we settle down in Highlander to have a night drinks.
Of course, will never lose a chance on CAMWHORING...hahhaa so YES I brought my Non-Non (DSLR) go along too. hahaha and it was an ORDER from both of them..LOL

So here's the pictures of what we ate on that night and how they actually gave me surprises although it failed but still appreciate!!

HOOTERS !! First time step in so I'm not sure if the food taste good??
Got no idea at all...waiting~~

So while waiting the food to be served, and this is always one of the girl's facts (to me lah)
hahhaa..while waiting, so we actually had some SELCA moment with iPhone front cam since we are so pity that no one helps us to take pictures with the DSLR LOL and we don't even had enough of strength to hold it for self capture.
So yeah!! iPhone is the only choice!!

Cranberry juice for myself since I am not going to take alcoholic drinks on that night..
You know why??
*for the sake to taking care my skin since I'm still young*

So here's the main course 'Buttered Pasta with Cheese Grilled Chicken'
I think the price is below $25
*cheap sia and this is my selection*
The taste not bad though but the chicken meat is abit stiff and hard

So here's the 2nd main course (we only ordered 2 sets of main course)
'Herbs with Fried Slices Fish with Wedges'
The price of this is also below $25
*again CHEAP !! and this is Chanelle's selection*
We all agreed that this serving is better than the chicken one and Chanelle said

Chanelle : the fish nice ?
Stanney : Yeah
Jowey : Yes I like the fish!!
Chanelle : You know why?
Jowey : Why?
Chanelle : because this was my selection hahahaha!!

We are so HUNGRY while looking at the 2 big plates of Main Course !
*so tempting*

 So here's another pic of us (Stanney, me and Channelle)
This time, we asked the waitress to help us capture with my Non-Non (DSLR) before we start to eat our dinner..
Isn't that bad the picture heh!!  

After we ate, we asked the waitress to cleared the table and we just sat down and had a talk..suddenly a group of Hooters workers came in and claps with talking some speeches but 3 of us got no idea on what they're talking LOL

SUDDENLY, the 2 ang mo's from our next table as you can see through the pictures right above here, came to talk with us and had a HIGH FIVE with us too..
So after that, we ignore them lahh and continue our talk and again, suddenyl a waitress came with holding the whole box of cake come and asked if want to serve now..

Well, that time I had a stunt and look at both of them, they said

Chanelle & Stanney : Walao eh~ why they stupid that they don't even know how to suprising serve out the cake although we had ask them to do it in a surprising way.
Me : hahahahhahha, aiyahh...nevermind lah, its okay.. I appreciated it and felt happy for the surprise alry although they've made a miostakes lah, but its okay lahh..

Mango Cheesecake from BreadTalk *Its fucking delicious!*
Try IT!!

So after that, the cake is served and we happily take picture with the cake and figuring out how to cut it. LOL *confused*
And the 2 ang mo from next table came to take pictures with us also and they greeted me a 'Happy Birthday' and gave me a BIG HUG *I was like okayy* hahhaa
They are just being friendly though.

SO here's the pictures again...

LOOK at the BIG SIZE of cake for just 3 of us!!
I look like I'm so interested and greedy in this picture LOL

Another picture of 3 of us with the BIG CAKE!!

 Picture with the Ang Mo (he is so BIG to me!!)
But he's friendly

The epic moment while taking picture..
My mouth is totally numb because I laughed and smiled too much for taking pictures on that night compared to normal day..so NO DOUBT for this scene to be happen..well this picture still nice what..so NEVERMIND *who cares*

SO this is the 2nd ang mo (the ang mo's friend)
He look so cute hahahha because he's quite mini size as you can see lah..
But he's also a friendly person too!

So here's a picture of me and Stanney only..
This picture is just so perfect that there's no one behind to interrupting

Wishing Moment!!
I wished that I can be as rich as a billionaire
As sexy as Megan Fox
As pretty as Miss World
As famous as Michael Jackson
Take picture with Justin Bieber and GDragon
Date with them
I wanna have a thousands of sq.ft's wardrobe room and make up studio

*JUST JOKING ahhahahahha*
Well, I just wished that I can...... secret lah okay, later I spread it out and not going to come true then how??

Im showing her the card that placed on top of the cake
I look like a kid that don't know anything ahhahahha

Still figure out where to cut

 Finally, Finally and Finally, I cut it!! hahahhahaha

After done in Hooters, we went to Highlander as I said before..
So here's the picture while we are in Highlander

We actually dont really take much pictures at there as the lightning there is weak and dark so my Non-Non cant be able to work well as its a DSLR without any extension of Flash.

SO this is what I always thought lahh..
That picture without showing our mouth is always the AWESOME one.. LOL
Agree not??

Pictures taken by our iPhone

I shot this for her!! Nice??

I shot this too!!

Our cute Chanelle and our gorgeous Stanney
hehehehhe =)

bahahhahahhaa....I candid her!! LOL..but she looks good in this picture..right?
Look so polite and gentle hahaha..

My pictures for Part 1 of My 19th Birthday Celebrations is finally ended..
so now Im going to share the pictures for Part 2!!

Mask time for the day before outing of my Part 2 Celebration heh!!
Using the Dewy Tree Mask that i bought it in Watson's..
Mentioned it on my last post..
Well, I can say that the mask is nice to use and I like the texture of the sheet mask which is unltra thin and easy to apply!!

And now!!

This is the surprise of the washing machine gave it to me..and it causes the whole kitchen area flooded!!
We both wipe the whole area of the kitchen like crazy and its so freaking tired...GOSH!!

This is after wiping the whole area of the kitchen and wasted our 1 hour time..sighs

First pic of Instagram of the day, showing off my Skull Clutch..
Still keen to capture it although the bus is shaking all around hahaha!!

The MAIN POINT of the clutch..
Cool right??!

Spinning Windmill in my girlfriend's working place ahhaha

So now its time for my SOLO PICTURE hahaha!!

Thanks to the MR.Professional Xavier ..

here's my outfif of the day and I am going to intro about it..aiseh!!

Outfit of the day :

Round Vintage Hat from Taobao
Inner Black HighCut Singlet from NewLook
Outer White HighCut Skeleton Singlet (DIY by myself and using NewLook Singlet)
Spandex Type Black Legging from Moris,Penang Malaysia
Black Low Socks from MuJi
3-holed Low Boots from Bugis
Black inspired Alexander McQueen Clutch
TouchScreen Black Watch from Swatch

Self Timer Shot..cool right??!
                          Lift Up (Flying Picture)                                            Second Lifted Up Pic     

A SELCA of myself during havoing our dinner in Shu Teppan, ION Orchard
Personally like this picture so much..heheheh!

And now is mix pictures!!
(Caycee, Me and Xavier)

 Personally Love this picture tooooooo much!! Big Laugh!!

try to ACT COOL like thos MODEL SHOOT hahahahhaha

Can you see the BLINK effects between her leg..
Well I realised it when I went to edit this picture..
So yeah, its a light reflection from the opposite shop and its just perfect ahahahhah!!

Now it's our 'VAIN COUPLE' picture time..
I always love the pictures of ours with  Self Timer Shot by using our Non-Non (DSLR)

Look so modellish hahaha...*self proud*

This picture looks like SCARY MOVIE ...I knw hahahhaha!! well who cares BLEK

Wondering why we both sitting up so straight to shot this picture ??
He actually asked me to stay STILL and he said this type of pic is like those moddeling shoot so he forced me to do so..LOL
He very funny right? OMG
So yeah, this is how it is the picture

This pictures shows more of mine current hair colour..
Its light ash!! and I fucking love this hair colour just too much!
Thanks babe boy =)

Can you spot me???!!!!
Im in invisible MAN !!
Am I ghost or spirit??
or Am i just a soul??
OMG OMG OMG!! How am I going to find my body back??!!
*self divide* I AM SO LOST !! hahahhahaha

Anyway, this is the last picture taken in my gf's working place..

SO the followign pictures will be taken in Sho Teppan while we having our dinner right there..
Heh..this time is with iPhone front cam to SELCA..

ANd Now it's MENU time!! order FOOD!! Yummy Yummy Food....
slrrrps *drooling*

ION Orchard , #B3-19
2 Orchard Turn
 S 238801
Tel No. : 6509 9969

BEEF IT UP !! Menu Set

Kirin Beer Bottles is displayed anywhere in the shop..this is just right beside me *but its empty one*

Chicken Shabu Shabu Set
with a bowl of Rice, Sour Salad, Fresh Raw Chicken Meat, Wok of Soup, and a bowl of Dipping Sauce

The wok of soup and a bowl of side orders 'Tako' which cost around $3.90 *if I'm not mistaken*

Tako (Octopus)

Shabu Shabu Soup in Hot Pot

Fresh Raw Striploin with those spices and black peppers on.
THUMBS UP for this and especially for the Dipping Sauce!!

The pictures below is the surroundings of the Sho Teppan's Restaurant
The blank wall around was fully stack with those guest's pictures with the food of Sho Teppan.
Well, its a nice and special design though and this will keep the shop warm is because they take customer importantly and they are giving a feel of a pleasure and appreciating to had those valueable customer's to walk in and dine..
I guess only lahh..LOL

Si this is The End of my today's post..
I think the whole post will be full of pictures I know but hope you enjoy seeing those funny pictures of ours and the nice place to DINE IN..

Anyway, Thanks for all the readers and appreciate it.

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