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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Astro Star Quest 2012

So sorry that I didnt actually update my blog for like a week plus..
So today my posts is dedicated to one of my friend named 'Chanice Tan Suat Fern'.
Well I guess most of the Malaysian chinese will knw that who am I talking about,
YES!! She is on of the TOP 5 Finalist for Astro Star Quest 2012.
I did planned to go all the way to Malacca to support her but too bad I can't make it.
So I just received the results of the final competition from one of my friend today as Im in Singapore and I can't get to watch it on Astro, and Chanice actually got 2nd place for the FINAL !!
I'm pretty sure that she really had a did her very BEST just to prepare for this final competition because she dont want to let people who supports her down and she is trying to achieve an awesome results for herself,her family and for us too.
Although she only get 2nd but I hope this wont beat her down and dissapointment on herself.
In our heart, you're always NUMBER 1 !! You are the best!! And also CONGRATULATIONS to you once again and I really felt so PROUD of YOU!! Do keep it up for now and your future too !!
* Looking forward for you to become an artist..hahahhaa!!  *
Here's some pictures of her during her competition.

The 5 FINALIST for Astro Star Quest 2012

The Time and Venue of the Final Competition
Good Luck !!

I personally LOVE this picture of her so much, looks so sexy and gorgeous

Her normal SELCA

I guess this picture is taken while she joined the Magnum Spotlite Teen Idol Competition 2 years ago

The banner prepared by her fans for her FINAL Stage Competition



Photoshoot for ASQ Final 2012

The FINAL Stage

Her families,cousins,relatives,neighbours and all of her friends and fans came along to support her with wearing on the personal custom-made printed tee in Malacca, 14th July 2012.

Once again CONGRATULATIONS Fern Fern


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