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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Babe

I have changed a NEW BLOG HEADER with my Skull Backdrop!! I guess you guess knew it if you are the one who always keep viewing my new blog posts all the time.

How is it? How is it??
Comment leh please..hahhaa Well just drop down your comment of this blog for my new blog header!!
Thanks so much!!

Well, first I need to thank you my readers for spending time on reading my blog although sometimes my posts is just crap but I wanted to just keep it updated so yeah...I got no idea on what to post so might as well make some crap posts..hahhaa

Alright, I gotta just cut it off all the talkings and let me show the pictures to my my speech of today's blog...heh!

END of story of my July babe pictures..
Well I did all the shootings by myself with self timer set on my lovely camera.
I used a black skull fleece blanket as my backdrop as I get it from Carrefour Fair for only $3.00 ONLY!! Seee!! So USEFUL LOL!

I used Canon 600D for the whole shoot and with a normal lens only which is 18-55mm if I'm not mistaken lah..
All of the pictures is edited (only effects) and I edited all of them with Photoscape which you can simply just download it from the link given ---> Photoscape FREE Download
Download it within 10 minutes and you can use it for editing yourself a NICE PICTURES!

Outfit :
- Denim Jacket (from Taobao) 
- Mustache Ring (bought from Cineleisure Ground Floor kiosk only $3.00)
- Leopard Print Bow-Tie (Bugis Street for only $5.00)
- Hush Puppies Tank Top
- Round Wood Specs (from Taobao)
- Mustache (DIY)

What inspired me to shoot these pictures?? Hmm..birthday month can be a reason though..hahhaa and the DIY Mustache with a hard leaftlet taken from LG...errr my wavy straight hair after done Brazilian Blow Out treatment??
Im trying to REUSE the paper and this is so called RECYCLE...hahhaa

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Stay Tune for more updates soon! Thank you readers,Lots of Loves..


Benlovesting said...

Lovely photos!

Jowey aka 小鬼 said...

Thank you very much for your comment =)