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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Night Photoshoot

Supposingly, I had gone to K session with the boyfie in K Box, but I didn't check out if there's any $10 nett promo on the Saturday night, so we ended up cancel the K session and went to McDonalds to had our supper..
After our supper, we are so terribly boring so I suggested to play with the DSLR..
At first I was thinking to shoot a video of Gangnam Style Tutorial..but the boyfie doesn't want to join me so we ended up filmed the video of us ...............but still editing the video..
Can't wait to know what video is that lehh..nevermind I will HINT you abit bit..
Its about a CHALLENGE !!
So just STAY TUNE..!!
While waiting for my video coming out, so I will just show you guys the pictures we had taken during the night..and yeah, we did a very RANDOM photoshooting during the night time without any preparation but we did shoot some pictures perfectly..so I quickly done the editing and NOW I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW TO YOU GUYS !!

Welcome to my Random Photoshoot Night !

Venue : Bedok North St.1 , Blk 419
Theme : Random LOL ...
Photographer : Xavier (boyfie) and Me
Model : Xavier and Me
Start the picture with informing the OOTD :
Black Round Vintage Hat from TaoBao
Round Frame Specs from TaoBao
Black Sleeved Potrait Tee from THop Zone in SungaiWang Plaza,KL
High Waisted Denim Shorts from OnlineShop
Black Wedges from Payless
Money Pouch from SoniaRykiel

I kind of love this candid but just that my eye is without any make-up on it, so isn't very perfect..haha
I love it is because my *grin* SMILE

Love the background..
CREDIT to Xavier Ng the photographer..LOL
but of course the effort of the MODEL also lah..
*tsk tsk*

Number 9

The end of mine albumm..
Now, it's my turn to be the Photgrapher !!

Just candid shot him when he's looking at his phone..

OOTD of him :
Vintage Round Hat from TaoBao
Round Frame Specs from TaoBao
PlaySafe Tee from PlayBoy Clot
Black Shorts from Shops in Cineleisure
FlipFlop from FourSkin

Is it better if his leg were closed ?

Comment comment about the skill of our Random Photoshoot pleasee..
Well, it's just a short post, so I hope you guys enjoy it !!


Thank you READERS !


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