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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Home Recipe of Sweet Potato Soup

It's my second food tutorial on dessert..slurrps..
So today I am going to share a tutorial on how to make yourself and your family a pot of Home recipe Sweet Potato Soup.

It's way to easy to cook this dessert and you just need a very simple ingredients which you can just found it at any hypermarkets.
So I made this soup is because my boyfie love it so much so I decided to cook it and at the same time I can make it as a Recipe tutorial..so hope you enjoy it =)

First of all, you need to prepare ingredients before you start to cook.

Ingredients that you need :

- 2-3 pcs of whole Sweet Yellow Potato or Sweet Orange Potato
- 2 litre of water
- a small bowl of Pearl Sago
- 4-6 slices of  ginger
- 8-10 pcs of Red Dates
- 5-6 leaves of Pandan
- Rock Sugar (depends on your own sugar level)

Red Dates and Ginger

Pandan leaves

Pearl Sago

Rock Sugar

Yellow Sweet Potato

Orange Sweet Potato
Next is how to prepare the ingredients before cook the soup..
You need to tie up the pandan leaves with pandan leaves hahahha !!
What am I trying to say hmm??
I hope you understand hahaha
Cut a lil bit of the red dates so it won't be too heaty for us..
Cut the ginger into thin slices..
Pour out a lil bit of Pearl Sago into a small bowl and keep the rest in the fridge or dry place.
P/s : Don't put too many sago into the soup because it will causes the entire soup like jelly..

Remove the skin of the potatoes..
CREDIT to boyfie who removes the skin of the potatoes as I got phobia towards the shave-knife since I was a kid.
When the potatoes is done from removing all the skin, cut it into cube..
The cube must not be TOO SMALL !
Be generous and cut it like medium cube..
Now, all of the ingredients is done prepared.
So its time to cook it now !!
First, place a 2 litre of water into a cooking pot and boil it in a medium flame
2 litre of water in the cooking pot

Medium flame to boil the water

 When the water is started to boil, slowly place in the tied pandan leaves, red dates and slices of ginger into the pot.
Boil it for 10-15 minutes with a medium flame.
After 10-15 minutes, now slowly place in the potato into the pot and also keep the flame into

After placing in the potato, slowly place in the pearl sago too.

After you place the potato and the pearl sago into the pot, you will get something like this..

So you just half cover the pot and boil it in a medium-low flame for another 25-30 minutes.
Now check the colour of the potatoes and also makesure that the potatoes already turn soft.

If the potato is cooked and turned soft, now its time to place in the rock sugar.
Well you have to measure the level of sweetness by your tongue..
Different people has different taste, so if you like sweet you can put more, if you dont really like too sweet, then you can put lesser.

After placing the rock sugar, you can also remove the pandan leaves from the pot.
Now just boil for another 5 mins until it's done to serve.
tik tok.....tik tok...tik tok...griiiiiinggg!! 5 mins already!!
Now you can slowly stir the soup and put it into a small bowl and now the dessert soup is ready to serve!!

Hmm..mine taste good !! so how about yours one ?
Is it the same as mine ??
Alright !! Hope you learnt something new or maybe is very common to you.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the Home Recipe Tutorial !
Thanks for reading again !!
Before I end this, always the old quote which is
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