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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Night before our OneYear Anniversary =D

I think I have neglected my blog for a month plus and OH GOSH I am damn guilty! Good News to announce that my lappie is well repaired and credit to my best GF, Yen. So now I am back to blogging!!
Sorry for the delay of my new entry and I need to share a few topics with you guys like what happen in this month while I didn't blog. Eager not? LOL..

Alright, this post I will let pictures to tell everything because just a selca of me and the boyfie and nothing much story to tell about =D

So the selca was taken at outside of Ngee Ann City and so called Takashimaya right after I finished my jnew ob training at Ngee Ann City Tower A. Of course, after we finished enjoying our movie times with Ah Boys To Men and OMG I am now so in love with the themed song. All I can say is Ah Boys To Men is AWESOME! Is a MUST WATCH movie and right now I can't wait for the Part 2 on Feb 2013. 
Keep it up guyss!!! 

I kept my crayon neon hair till the night before I start work. And to be highlight here is I got my shades from Taobao and it only cost me $4+ plus shipping !! Cheap not? I saw it in Bugis Street and they were selling at $15 - $20. 

Sorry for only the short updates and of course more coming up soon! 

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