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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1st Anniversary Celebration

Here's another new entry of 1st Anniversary Celebration with my boyfie. Well, we are pretty bad luck on that day though we still very happy and of course we gained a memorable memories together.

We woke up auite late which is 11+ in the morning and we actually 'nua' at home a while because the room is still very cooling hhahha. So we officially went out at around 1+ afternoon and the first place we planned to go is Haw Par Villa which is a place that you can actually see alot of Chinese God statues and so called as a Chinese mythological theme park. So we were pretty excited and we actually took a cab all the way down there and what bad things happen is when we almost reach somewhere around Vivocity, suddenly there's a heavy rain and causes we can't go so we decided to drop by at VivoCity since we are somewhere there.

Look alike not? 

We walk around and we found a dessert house like those at Bugis one, we ordered Durian SnowIce and also Peanut and Coconut flakes Glutinous RiceBall.

After an hour,we went out from VivoCity to peek if there's still raining only we decide to go to Haw Par Villa again or not and so 'heng' that the rain finally stopped, so of course we rush down to the MRT station just to go the Haw Par Villa again. Guess what? Now we reached there and once we stepped out from the MRT station, there's a heavy rain again and I was like WTF is that? Are you kidding me? Arghh and now I am so pissed off because of the RAIN!!! Perhaps we are FATED for can't get to visit it.

ANd we are like so pity because we are just right infront of the Haw Par Villa but yet we can go in because is raining. SO poor thing hahaha

Ended up we decided to go Plaza Singapura since their new wing are opened now and I always wanted to visit their new Sephora outlet at there and also never missed the latest fashion shop JRunway are now in Plaza Singapura New Wing!!!

Here's a picture that we taken in Sephora New Opening Event.

Not really clear because I took the picture of the photo with my phone, =DD

And now it's evening time and now my curiousity is getting higher and higher because I got no idea where my boyfie wanna bring me go for a fine dinner.

There's a specific lift to go up to the restaurant. So special hor..

There's no level button one.. WOW

Now we get a sit and I am going to reveal where's the place!

Yeah it's Level33 at Marina. I am not sure which building it is but I knw it's somewhere around near DBS building. It says that the restaurant itself was built right after the building is done for years. Which means the owner of the restaurant who build his own restaurant on the rooftop of the building after he found this good place. They actually use those crane to carry up all the stuff and equipments to build this entire restaurant. And I was like WOW, the owner so rich sia. 

Well, we were supposingly sit at outdoor but too bad we can't because of the RAIN again! arghh.. 

Beer Tank and spotted me 

Open-air Ice Cube Bar just right infront of me

Seats along the corridor

Ready to order =D

Tik Tok Tik Tok..time for dinner..

Cranberry Juice is always my favourite =)

My Polaroid (1st Anniversary gift by my boyfie)

Oat and Grains bread as the Appetizer although we don't order it, 
They service and environment is GREAT!

Spreads for the bread. 
From left (Pumpkin,Butter and Garlic)

Selca TIME after we're done with our appetizer while waiting for our main course to be serve.

of course we didn't miss to take picture with the Polaroid but still I am confusing on how to use it =(

Grilled Cod Fish and the taste is HEAVENLY!

Grilled Chicken with herbs and the taste is also AWESOMELY

Facts of a blogger is when the food is served right infront of us, and the first thing we did is to take picture of the food before we start to eat. Agree ? hahahhaa

An OOTD picture of myself 

1. DIY RibCage Tank Top 
2. Black Tank Top by NewLook
3. A-Shape Skirt from Taobao
4. Low Boots from Bugis Street

So here's the most insteresting part of the entire day

When I got out from the washroom, I went back to my seat and I talked to my boyfie while he's finishing his orange juice and suddenly there's a plate of dessert pop up from behind by a waitress. 
She said, 'Happy Anniversary for both of you'
I was blanked! LOL.. anyway, I really love the suprising moment which I didn't expect it. 

The brownie is REALLLLLLLY AWESOME! I still miss the taste of it. 
Thanks Baby for the surprise. 

Now, its a night view time before we left the rooftop restaurant.

View from Level 33
Taken by Samsung Note2

Christmas Tree at the lobby of the building

Last picture taken for the great night. 
I miss the moment and its a memorable day I ever had. 
Thanks for everything you have done for me and always be with me. 

Waiting for the next anniversary celebration LOL..

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