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Monday, January 28, 2013

Life in Sephora and Chalet Party with Sephora Families

Today I am going to share about how's my life working in Sephora since past 3 months. I would say that Life in Sephora is really amazing and I am really proud being one of them, especially Ngee Ann City's crew!!
Why I would say so ? It is because Sephora is not only the name but it actually thought me alot is either in life, experience, colleagues, knowledge or work. Being NAC team is the luckiest and great things for me. Although sometimes there's some hard task for me to go through but still I can survive so far..LOL .. Nah! I can survived this long is all because of those helpful management team and seniors.

I've learnt alot and gained more experience like how to push myself hard, being aggresive to sales, sensitive to figures, be smart, work smart, how to manage things well, independant and a lot more. Till now, I am still keeping myself growing day by day working in Sephora. If you ask, what is the best activity for me while in Sephora, I would say TRAINING!! hahhahah!! As for the training, not only we can cope more knowledge on every specific brands, but at the same time we can also receive alot of gifts and goodies from them. That's why this is the best moment for me. The most challenging moment for me will be INCENTIVE period and also to makeover for a customer in order to sell her any cosmectics. Why I said so ? For the incentive, you really need to focus on the incentive sales to get extra income, and makeover for me is also tough especially smoky eyes make-up..*kill me please* but I will never give up and do the best as I can.
Besides, I felt comfortable whenever I mingle around with the key person and management team although there's a distance for the position, but for me, I never felt any uncomfortable while being around with them, because to me, they are like my family members with warmth, caring and lovessss. I am really happy to work in Sephora and I certified that's my second home! LOL

I guess that's all for me to share about my life in Sephora.. It's time for me to share pictures of my goodies from training session and also the picture while we had our precious party with the entire colleagues including their partners (eg. husbands,fiances and boyfriends ).

MUFE make-up artists, part-times and French intern

Time for partyyyy~~~ 

Sephora's staff and also temperoray staffs..

Ihman and Nazmi !! OMG Ihman is so cute and even cuter in real life.. miss him so much..

This cat reallly looks nice but it's a fierce cat. She actually scratches my boyfie's leg while he's trying to play with her..

Time to build the fire for BBQ FOOD !!! 
Such a long time didn't do these stuff and I really love BBQ Party..

They areg enjoying building the fire though.. I guess is all about DOTA again ...zzz
Well, who cares, while thay are enjoying building the fire at the BBQ pit so Nicole and me enjoying taking crazy shots while we are way too bored at there..
But after a while, we decided to go cycle along the beach side, we rent the bicycle from the canteen and costs us $5.00 only per bike but I chose to rent the dual-cycle ride, it's really awesome!!
The price for th dual-cycle ride is only $8.00, so cheap right??

Once, we are done from cycling, we back to our chalet and it's time for FOOD!! As time flies, more and more people coming to the chalte already like those morning shift people..
More and more food to eat now.. because the delivery of the BBQ food is arrived..

Some of them is gambling, while some of them is busying eating food. I brought my tripod over there so when someone wants to take picture they can just take a shot there because it's really a best time for all of us to gather around and play around to release stress and enjoy the time!
Of course, some of us is preparing punishment items for the games later on.

See the guy with *evil grin* who is preparing the food for games and punishments..

He's trying to throw up the grapes and eat it but  he actually failed to do so..
Lousy lehhh..

The Abusive Queen, Sabrina and the pity Asst. Manager hahhah

I had no idea to this pic, I just find it's way to funny when I first sar this picture.. 
Axel!! You're just too vain hahahaha. 
Anyways, he's a French Intern..a funny and cute guy I can say...

The BBQ Chef of the night.. 

While I am preparing questions for the games..

I didn't know that they are actually taking this picture, LOL..

The cute vain girl, SHikin ahhaha

Again a jump-shot with the girls..

Chee Meng, AXel and Pascal, the drunker of the night.. 

Lulu, Nicole, Michelle and Me...

Ladies in Sephora.. weeee~~ weeeeett~~

The guys and the drunker, Pascal

The couple shot for the night..

Xiu and her bf (Left) and Xavier and Me,Jowey (Right)

Farhanah and the fiance (left) and Ttin and the fiance (right)

Lulu and the boyfie 

Atiqah and her boyfie (left), CheeMeng, yee Kiat and Chia Chia (right)

Chia Chia and Micky (left), Amelyn and Vivi (right)

Seafood of the night..
The prawn taste awesome.. TOO YUMMY already..

Sephora's staffs.. Had a great time to each other always..
I love SEPHORA !!

The Manager, Asst. Manager, Supervisor and all the key person..
ALl of them is always kind to us and always a role model to us. 

Jiunn and the pretty girl, Vivi

Pretty Belle and Jiunn 

That's all for the nights, and really had a great night with all of them. 
I proudly say that I am lucky enough to be part of them and they never fail to teach and share anything to each other. 
I hope there's another event with them again.. 
Let's achieve every month's target together and work to the best!! 
Gambateh and good luck to everyone!! 


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