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Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Toy, Lumix LX-7

Finally! I bought my favourite compact camera, Lumix LX-7 at last! I had no idea if its the latest model or quite sometime alry, but still I love it and I love Lumix camera alot, because the effects and colour is really nice... I think I've got it for 3 weeks already but I still haven't figure out how to use the functions, setting and all, so I just switch it to AUTO MODE.. LOL..

Don't judge me hor... sure one day I will be PRO in using it. Oh ya, for your information I still didnt give up my DSLR Canon 600D laa.. it's still here..

Now Imma going to show off to you my new baby, don't be jelly aite.. *self-proud sia*

I didn't know the exact price out there but I bought it in airport which costs me $625 and there's a FREE leather casing for me and a 8gb MMC. Comes with a year of global warranty as well.

Check out more about the specifications, please click below :

Introduction Panasonic Lumix LX-7 video :

I really love it and I guess I will be bringing this camera whiel attending all of the events I've got invited and of course my camwhore session! 

It's really a short post *I know right* but hold on! There's another post coming up next which is DOMINO PIZZA!! Hungry~~don't you ? 

Catch up soon readers! Stay tune!! 

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