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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Penang Part 3

Like finally, I got time to blog a new entry and I think I have been neglected my blog for like almost a month?  Now, comeback to mama! Well, I blogged about Mary Kay on my last posts and you can go to the website to check out their products if you are interested. So Imma continue to blog about my last trip in Penang.
Nothing much, just left a lil bit to blog. It's all about my photoshooting session with a couple and also my friend,Amanda.

I wont be telling much in this entry and I will post up pictures that is perfect for the entire shooting =)


These are all the pictures I shooted while Im in Penang. I really like the couple shoot so much and also the last picture of Amanda!! It's so amazing!! Aww~~ 

It's all for today, more to come..
Stay Tune! 
I will ended up with my own picture 
*tsk tsk* vain~~ 

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