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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mary Kay by Style Essential Inc.

Today I am going to blog about beauty care by Mary Kay. SO the other day I was invited by my girlfriend, Kaman to attend a beauty event by Mary Kay (Style Essential Inc.) and finally I can make it for an event ever since the Nuffnang Genting 2D1N trip.Its really my pleasure to get attended to this event. I didn't really take much pictures during this events is going on especially my ownself because I waqs too excited and totally impressed by Marty Kay's products because THEY ARE REALLY AWESOME! OKay, first of all I would like to apologize for those girls who are waiting for us because Apple and I were late to event because Apple got lost her way to Waterloo Building!! hahahaha. So we both look awkward and tiring (breathing hard *gasp gasp*) while we step into the training room. LOL. Aww. I really like the owner of the company which is Joey Song, because she pampered us too much and I really like her personally =)

Right after we finished introducing ourself to each other and now we have to put on the hairband because we  have to remove all of our make up. Now the Face & Eye Party MakeUp workshop starts!!

First of all, Joey provides us a product of Mary Kay which is to scrub off the dead skin all around our hand and continuously using the moisturizer (hand cream) for the hand. You judge the differences!

The right side will be after scrub and moisturing.
It's really brightens up and smoothens. 
What's more is the scrub and the moisturizer can actually helps in treatmenting the nail and cuticle so that it won't be too dehydrated. You can also apply on your elbow and also your leg if you wanted =)

Second step, Joey and her assistant provides us a Cleansing Milk MakeUp Remover and I really love the product too much because you can't feel greasy at all and this was quite impressed me. Then, we applied an Exfoliate Face Mask and also eye treatment gel for only half of our face so everyone was saying that by the end of the workshop, half of our face were look better than the other side, well let's see!

Look at the cottons and the crumpled tissue paper on the pink plate.

SO this is the range that we tried on that day.
Its an organic products that made up by botanical ingredients and much more healthier for our skin. 
You can actually see the price for the products, it is reasonable and worth buying. 

Well, the products is for all skin type because it's much more natural so will be safe to use =)

Joey is applying the treatment eye gel on Priscilla's eyes and she kept on claims that the smells isn't nice at all but I think that the smell is like grape smell, but all of them saying I got a weird taste sensor hahahhaha!!

She looks like a panda now, so cute one her..

My face with eye patch 

Before she applying the treatment eye gel and you can actually see the uneven puffiness eyes and this is one of her concern and later you will see the differences after she applying the eye treatments products. 

Joey is applying firming eye gel

Oops she applied the wrong side while she is supposed to apply the exfoliating mask on the side with eye patch. 

Apple is concentrating applying the exfoliate mask 

Done applying the exfoliate mask 

Still on the way

Me ??!! Applied and of course take a shot of myself 

Doing lip scrub and lip balm
Scrub your lips twice a week will helps the pigments of the lip turn lighter and nicer. 
At the same time, it will help in moisturing the lips as well. 

After done all the skin care steps, got any differences? 
I personally thinks that the other part of my face is much more smoothens, nourishing and soothes. 
Brightens as well!! I swear!! 

LAst steps of the skin care will be applying day cream (day moisturizer) that contains SPF in it. 

Kaman with the moisturizer

She got her prize because she got an obvious effects after she did the skincare steps.

Hui Zi is the winner as well because her puffiness eyes reduced like ALOT!!

Skin Care done and now it's time for make up session! 

Joey is introducing the right steps for make up

The differences of the pigments of the eye shadow that includes a primer and without a primer.

The pink eye shadow on her eyes is actually a blusher but the colour is really nice and looks youthful when you apply it on your eye make up 

MAke-Up do DONE by Joey. The left side is with make up and the blusher is a very light pink so it looks much more natural. 
As for blusher, I got an important tips, they said that if you apply blusher below your nose line, then you will be marrying an old man in future. So DON't DO IT girls!! 

Lip gloss for make up y Mary Kay 

Tones of Mineral Loose Powder

The skin care products that we used earlier

Eye Treatment Gel

The Eye gel witht he weir smell but I think the smell is fine lehh.. hahaha

The firming eye cream. 

After attending the event, I actually gain alot of experinces and knowledge either on the make up or skin care. Besides, I actually get a great chances to know more friends as well. I won a few prizes and samples for Joey as well,and of course I enjoyed myself alot and I felt thankful again for getting a chance to attend this event. Thanks to Joey and Kaman. 
As for the products that really impressed me is the eye treatment gel, firming eye gel and also the eye correcting cream. Besides I personally likes the exfoliating scrub and the make up remover alot because is really not greasy at all!  

The services that Style Essential provides is also THUMBS UP because if you buy products from them, they will deliver it to you by hands to hands. Its like so convinient right? The venue of where they had workshops all the time is also very convinient for peeps as well because they are very near to Bugis + so its like you can go for shopping after you done with your workshops at there, or lunch perhaps? 

Oh yea, one more thing to share about is they are now hiring PART TIMER for those peoples who are really interested in beauty or make up. 

Contact Joey Song for more enquiries :

Email : joeysong@styleessentialinc.com
Contacts : +65 8100 8929
Venue : 261, Waterloo Street #04-37, Waterloo Centre. S (180261)

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